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Looking for a career in Policing? The PREP test is a Bonafide occupational test used as part of the Constable Selection process by many police services in Ontario as part of the hiring process. This course will allow the participant to learn training tips and techniques for PREP testing. Participants will have an opportunity to work on the individual components of the circuit portion and the 20 meter shuttle run prior to running the complete course. Participants will fill out a 2015 PAR Q+, waiver and if required the online e-PARmedX or PARMedX may need to be filled out by a doctor. The PREP is vigorous intensity exercise for everyone and it may be maximal intensity for some persons. Therefore, you may be required to receive clearance from a physician before taking part in the PREP. Blood pressure will be taken prior to each training session and if your blood pressure is equal to more than 160/90 mmHg you not be able to participate. You will need to follow the training instruction.

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Education, Community & Social Services


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