Sociology of Fame

Formerly contained within the sphere of entertainment, the influence of celebrities is increasing in all aspects of social life, on a global scale. The glorification of famous people imbues them with a unique form of social status with significant power to shape trends and agendas. When young people are surveyed, they consistently state that fame and fortune are the most valued life goals of their generation. Next to seeking stardom, their ideal job is to be a personal assistant to a very famous music or movie star. For better or worse, celebrity worship is an increasingly pervasive social phenomenon. In this course, students will examine the impact of fame on collective human behaviour, identities, and consciousness. By focusing on questions such as who gets fame and for what?, this course will attempt to shed light on the popularity and attraction of stars like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian. In doing so, students will explore the kinds of statements this obsession with the stars make about our society.

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Education, Community & Social Services


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