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  • Overview

    Program Description

    The TEFL Program provides an opportunity for students interested in learning about teaching English as a foreign language who have no need for professional accreditation. The TEFL program includes five of the seven TESL program courses, giving students a good foundation of theory and leads to a Declaration of Academic Achievement. Completing Fanshawe's TEFL program would be appropriate preparation for students seeking volunteer work with ESL groups or other scenarios where recognized accreditation is not required but an academic foundation is desirable.

    For students interested in achieving formal TESL accreditation, please review Fanshawe College's TESL part-time training program:

  • Courses

    Program Requirements

    Level 1 Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    EDUC-1057 Understanding & Explaining Grammar 3
    This subject offers students the theory and practice required to explain grammar form and function to the adult ESL learner.
    EDUC-1056 Linguistics 3
    This subject presents students with an overview of the foundations in syntax, morphology, phonetics/phonology and the applications of such to the adult ESL learner.
    EDUC-1055 Social Foundations in ESL 3
    This subject examines cultural and sociolinguistic issues affecting language learning.
    EDUC-1054 Second Language Pedagogy 5
    The methodology of 'how to teach the ESL student' is discussed and students have an opportunity to demonstrate their acquired skills in a classroom setting. Understanding the principles of English grammar is an integral part of this course.
    EDUC-1053 Principles of Evaluation 3
    Acquiring skills in the evaluation of students' work is critical to becoming a successful teacher. This subject teaches students the principles and tools of ESL assessment and gives students practical guidance on using and developing tasks for different language skills.
    Program Residency
    Students Must Complete a Minimum of 5 credits in this
    program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
    requirement and graduate from this program