Spring 2021 (April 27 to June 15)

Gasoline Engine Principles: MOTP-1062-DLCAD


This course covers all aspects of the design and operation of internal combustion engines. Course content includes discussions on compression ignition engines, design features and operating principles, with special emphasis placed on new current engine technologies.

The study will also include engine performance and effects, fuel flows and requirements, thermodynamics, heat transfer and friction, efficiency, and emissions control devices.

Intro to Tourism: TOUR-1010-DLDAD


The hospitality industry is without a doubt one of the strongest, fastest growing industries today. This course is an introduction to the industry and how Tourism affects us all.

The students will gain an appreciation for where our industry has come from and what the future has in store. They will also recognize the numerous career opportunities available to them in such areas as Fast Food, Hotels, Luxury Cruise Lines, Resorts, Institutions and many more.

Practical Photography - Camera Applications: PHOT-1062-DLCAD


This course is a practical introduction to small format digital camera techniques, and colour and B/W printmaking. The emphasis will be on learning different camera settings to control exposure and image quality. This is a project course whereby students demonstrate practical camera skills, knowledge and photographic competency by submitting regularly scheduled photographic assignments. Students can produce an optional first semester portfolio.

Most of the work will incorporate digital workflow and image editing software, using laptop computers, inkjet printers, external hard drives, servers and other peripheral devices.