1. Learn the required technology early especially if this is your first course. Be aware of how the quiz function works as well as the drop box. After midnight might be too late to realize you don’t know how to upload your assignment.
  2. Know who to turn to if you have a technology issue. Have the helpdesk contact information available somewhere handy.
  3. Plan your course activities out on a calendar, know when your due dates are for this and every course.
  4. Schedule and plan time in your planner when you will work on this specific course. Do not leave it to chance that it will happen.
  5. Log in frequently to your course material, a little bit each time you log in is better than trying to work on it for day long stretches. Monitor your assignment and quiz results to ensure you are not falling behind.
  6. Build a relationship with the instructor, helpful as you move through the course and may prove beneficial if you need a reference down the road. Communicate early if you are having problems or issues.
  7. Get to know your classmates they will enrich the learning experience for you.
  8. Don’t forget about “netiquette” and remember in most cases the intention of the other student was not to be rude, mean or critical, clarify if you are uncertain. Faculty can address discussion board post or responses you feel are more personal than content related, it is okay to disagree but not to be disagreeable.
  9. Reach out and utilize the services and supports available to you if you are facing challenges. We want you to be successful.
  10. See this course as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally, develop your knowledge as well as skills that will serve you well down the road.