If you are a new student, we highly recommend you follow one of the progression plans below to determine when courses will be offered.

BUS1 | 3-year completion plan | Fall start

BUS1 | 3-year completion plan | Winter start

BUS1 | 4-year completion plan | Fall start

BUS1 | 4-year completion plan | Winter start


If you are a returning student, here are the course offerings from which to choose:

Level 1

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Strategies for Success BUSI-1060-01PT Yes Yes Yes
Business Math MATH-1052-01PT Yes Yes Yes
Principles of Marketing 1 MKTG-1012-01PT Yes Yes Yes
Introduction to Business Processes BUSI-1005-01PT Yes Yes Yes
Principles of Accounting 1 ACCT-1100-01PT Yes Yes Yes
Reason & Writing - Business 1 WRIT-1032 (1034)-41PT Yes Yes Yes

Level 2

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Effective Meetings & Presentations BUSI-1068-01PT No Yes No
Customer Relations BUSI-1099-01PT No Yes No
Excel for Business-Adv COMP-3077-01PT Yes Yes Yes
General Education elective - click to review options   Yes Yes Yes

Financial Math

(Pre-requisite: MATH-1052)

MATH-1175-01PT Yes Yes Yes
Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics MGMT-1209-01PT Yes Yes No

Note: You will need to call 519-452-4277 to register for your general education elective as online registration is not available at this time.?

Level 3

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Secondary Market Research MKTG-1028-01PT No Yes No
Economics 2 ECON-1005-01PT Yes No Yes

Financial Management Applications

(Pre-requisites: ACCT-1100 & COMP-3077)

FINA-1031-01PT Yes No No

Professional Communication

(Pre-requisite: WRIT-1032 or WRIT-1034)

COMM-3020-41PT Yes Yes Yes
Taxation FINA-1037-01PT No No Yes
Ethics and Law LAWS-3018-01PT Yes No Yes

Principles of Accounting 2

(Pre-requisite: ACCT-1100)

ACCT-1011-01PT Yes No Yes
Economics 1 ECON-1002-01PT Yes No Yes

Level 4

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer

Small Business Ownership

(Pre-requisite: FINA-1031)

BUSI-1070-01PT Yes Yes No
Strategic HR Management MGMT-3005-01PT No Yes Yes
Project Management MGMT-3011-01PT No Yes No
Business Statistics MATH-1201-01PT Yes Yes No
Organizational Behaviour MGMT-3041-01PT Yes Yes Yes

Business Electives

Take 2 of the following business electives courses. Business electives are normally taken in levels 3 and 4.

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Introduction to Payroll ACCT-1068-01PT No Yes No
Effective Meetings & Presentations BUSI-1068-01PT Yes Yes No
The Business of Real Estate BUSI-1071-01PT Yes No No
The Greening of Business BUSI-1092-01PT Yes No No
Taxation FINA-1037-01PT Yes No Yes
Retail Management & e-Commerce MGMT-3058-01PT No Yes No
Secondary Market Research MKTG-1028-01PT No Yes Yes
Principles of Advertising & Branding MKTG-1054-01PT No Yes No
Selling Fundamentals MKTG-3007-01PT Yes No No
Sports, Entertainment & Event Marketing MKTG-1093-01PT No Yes No
Digital Marketing MKTG-1095-01PT No Yes No


If the 01PT section is full, please register in the 02PT section instead, if available.

Some programs require students to write a WRIT assessment. Please visit www.fanshawec.ca/writ for more information and available test dates.