We highly recommend you follow a progression plan to determine when courses will be offered.

SST3 | 2-year completion plan | Fall/Winter/Summer start


Here are the course offerings from which to choose:

Note: If the 01PT section is full, please register in the 02PT or 03PT section instead, if available.

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Advanced Professional Communication COMM-6019 Yes Yes tbd
Coding for Test INFO-6066 Yes Yes tbd

End User Experience Testing

INFO-6050 Yes Yes Yes

Test Methodologies

INFO-6104 Yes Yes Yes

Applied Project Management

INFO-6011 tbd Yes tbd

Systems Design & Analysis

INFO-6056 tbd Yes tbd

Co-operative Education Employment Prep

COOP-1020 tbd Yes tbd
Graduate Success Strategies ACAD-6002 Yes Yes Yes
Automated Test Tools INFO-6105 tbd tbd tbd
Capstone Project INFO-6068 tbd tbd tbd
Non-Functional Testing INFO-6055 tbd tbd tbd
IS Security Testing SRTY-6001 tbd tbd tbd
Testing for Development INFO-6067 tbd tbd tbd

Note: tbd = to be determined