We highly recommend you follow one of the progression plans below to determine when courses will be offered:

RRM1 | 2-year completion plan | Fall start

RRM1 | 2-year completion plan | Winter start


Here are the course offerings from which to choose:

Note: If the 01PT section is full, please register in the 02PT or 03PT section instead, if available.

Course Name Course Code Fall Winter Summer
Leadership MGMT-6073-01PT Yes No No
Employee Relations MGMT-6109-01PT Yes No No
Geriatric Nutrition NUTR-6002-01PT Yes No No
Social Gerontology GERI-6023-01PT Yes No No
Environmental Services ENVR-6002-01PT Yes No No
Recreation & Leisure for Retirement RECN-6002-01PT Yes No No
Mentorship 1 MGMT-6076-01PT No No No
Marketing for Retirement MKTG-6026-01PT No Yes No
Hospitality Operations HOSP-6003-01PT No Yes No
Financial Management for Retirement FINA-6024-01PT No Yes No
Workplace Communications COMM-6037-01PT No Yes No
Legislation for Retirement LAWS-6040-01PT No Yes No
Independent Work Study MGMT-6074-01PT No Yes No
Mentorship 2 MGMT-6077-01PT No Yes No

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