• Overview - 2019/2020

    For January 2020 and later dates, please see ABC6, Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer [Apprenticeship].

    These days, repairing motor vehicles takes more than getting your hands dirty. Today's vehicles are complex, computerized machines that take skill and specialized training to repair. If you're interested in a rewarding and in-demand career that requires cutting-edge training to develop highly valued skills, this program is for you.

    You'll restore, repair and replace auto body parts and interior finishing. You'll also assess damage and estimate the cost of repairs. Plus, you'll operate welding equipment, while learning the skills necessary to prepare and refinish today's high-end top coats.

    Vehicle technology is constantly changing so top-notch skills and a commitment to continued learning are required for career success. If you're willing to evolve alongside new vehicle repair technology, then the opportunities for a rewarding and satisfying career are endless.

    The program also requires an apprenticeship component where you'll solve real vehicle problems in a real working garage, auto body shop or dealership.

    If you're ready to work and want to combine training with earning power, consider an apprenticeship where you mix workplace-based training under the direction of experienced workers with shorter lengths of classroom or online training.


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