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Program delivery note: Fanshawe will temporarily deliver this program as listed under "locations" to the right of your screen or in the "+ more details" menu on mobile. Delivery format may change for January 2021 and onwards.

Overview - 2021/2022

Enjoying the satisfaction of a hard day’s work is what the life of Brick and Stone Mason is all about. There’s no bigger reward than seeing the results of your hard work daily, and the pride that comes with the completion of a big project.

If working hard in an in-demand and respected career excites you, and you enjoy working with your hands on a variety of different and challenging projects, Fanshawe’s Brick and Stone Mason program is for you.

You’ll build and repair walls, patios, fireplaces and chimneys – if the project calls for brick, stone or concrete, your expertise and skills will be required. These jobs demand attention to detail, working on scaffolds, indoors and out, using your strength and your training to get the job done.

You’ll also develop and test your skills with the Apprenticeship component of the program. You'll be solving real brick and masonry problems, troubleshooting, calculating measurements, and mastering design and building theories.

If you're ready to work and want to combine training with earning power, your apprenticeship will provide workplace-based training under the direction of experienced workers with shorter lengths of classroom or online training.

This is an apprenticeship program.
You cannot apply to this program through

Applicants need a sponsor/employer.
Your sponsor/employer must register you with:

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Apprenticeship/Client Services
72-1200 Commissioners Road East 
London, Ontario, N5Z 4R3 
MAESD is responsible for scheduling your in-school training at Fanshawe College.

More information about Apprenticeships at Fanshawe.

Employment Ontario
This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada.


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