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Overview - 2022/2023

Please note: This program will be offered online until at least the end of December 2021.


General Arts and Science - 1 Year (English Language Studies) is a full-time English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program designed to provide a direct route from English language learning to post-secondary studies (both college and university level) with no further language testing required.

The EAP program includes 10 eight-week levels (two EAP levels per college semester) delivered by 15 full-time and 20+ part-time, highly qualified professors.

Each EAP level includes seven weeks of intensive training that focuses on building academic English language skills in grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation, with an eighth week composed of experiential learning activities like workshops, excursions and events that provide plenty of opportunities to practice all the skills you’ve learned. In order to go to the next EAP level, students are required to achieve a minimum grade of 70%.

Below is a link to a chart that explains how our EAP levels work and what grades you need to achieve to be considered for Fanshawe College programs and university-level programs.

EAP levels (PDF chart)

Which level should I start in? We evaluate all new or prospective students prior to entering into the EAP program in order to determine the best starting level. Placement is based on scores from a computer-based listening and reading test, a writing sample and a friendly conversation with one of our EAP instructors. Students may also use an IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge score to determine their starting level. (GAP5 testing dates.)

Is there financial aid for EAP students? Domestic EAP students may be eligible for financial assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for up to two college terms (four EAP levels).

How do I apply to EAP? Domestic students apply to the EAP program through the Ontario Colleges Application System at To apply, students must select General Arts and Sciences One Year English Studies GAP5 – this is the academic code for Fanshawe’s EAP program for domestic students.

For more information or to set up an evaluation, please contact Fanshawe College’s English Language Institute. You can fill out the form below or call us directly at 519-452-4430 x4358.


Admission Requirements - 2022/2023

Applicant Selection Criteria

Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the available spaces in the program, the Applicant Selection Criteria will be:
  1. Preference for Permanent Residents of Ontario
  2. Preference for Permanent Residents of Canada
  3. Receipt of Application by February 1st


General Arts and Science-1 Yr (English Language Studies)-2022/2023

Take 4 of the following courses mandatory to graduate:

Additional courses offered:

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 13 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

More Information - 2022/2023

A One-Year Ontario College Certificate Program
Program Code: GAP5
Campus Code: LC (LC - London)
September/January/May Admission
16 week terms
Academic Calendars available at


English Language Institute: 519-452-4442 or 519-452-4480

Program Description

The academic code for the English for Academic Purposes program for domestic students is General Arts and Sciences - One Year (English Language Studies) GAP5. This program is designed for students who are non-native speakers of English and require improvement to their language skills for the purposes of entering post-secondary studies (college or university level). Only domestic students (i.e., Canadian citizens, permanent residents, refugee claimants) are admissible to this program. International students in Canada on a visitor's visa or study permit are required to enroll in the English for Academic Purposes ESL4 program can apply here.

Level Descriptions:

Levels 1 and 2: Suitable for students just beginning to learn English

Levels 3 to 8: Learn language skills needed to succeed in the Canadian college classroom. Students who graduate from Level 8 with a minimum grade of 80% automatically meet the English language requirement of most Fanshawe College programs. (Check program page for specific requirements.)

Levels 9 and 10: Develop language skills required for advanced programs at both Fanshawe College and universities. Students who complete both advanced levels with a grade of 80% or greater in Level 10 can enter Western University without further language proficiency testing. They also achieve a General Education credit.

Click here for detailed EAP Course Content by Level.

Other Information

  • This program is ONLY offered for domestic students (i.e. citizens, permanent residents (landed immigrants), refugee claimants) whose first language is not English and who have NOT achieved a Grade 12 English credit (excluding English as a Second Language credit).
  • Proof of ability in English as determined by TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL or Fanshawe College English Language Evaluation testing is not required for admission to this program.
  • International Students should apply to the ESL4 program (English for Academic Purposes).
  • Applicants will write a post-admission language placement test to determine the level of English they will study in their first term.  Ideally, students' ability should be at the intermediate level so that they can complete the program in two terms. Please note that OSAP support can only be received for two terms.   
  • Each student admitted to this program will have a personal interview with the Co-ordinator of the program to discuss an appropriate academic plan and timeframe for meeting individual goals.

Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to

1. Develop, through general knowledge gained in a wide range of subjects, in sight into both self and society.

2. Develop flexibility and clarity of both thought and expression in order to develop communications competence to a level required by business and industry

3. Understand and utilize critical thinking processes and problem solving techniques.

4. Examine and evaluate various aspects of our changing society to assist in developing a sense of personal and social responsibility as a citizen in society.

5. Employ basic vocational, skills drawn from the areas of the Humanities, Social and Behavioural Sciences of Vocational Studies (Business, Technology).

Program Details

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2022/2023 academic year: Refer to the More Info tab to view offerings for the 2022/23 academic year. Canadian students can start applying in early October for programs with Sep. 2022, Jan. 2023 and May 2023 start dates through

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