• Overview - 2018/2019

    If you're ready to work where people expect that you'll get your hands dirty, the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician [Apprenticeship] program can get you on the job in no time.

    From everyday maintenance to troubleshooting, overhauling and repairing, you'll keep big equipment such as bulldozers, cranes and graders on the job at construction sites. You'll hone skills you can apply in the mining and forestry industries, or even in modern labs where they overhaul fuel injection systems. Not only that, but you'll read and understand operating manuals and service specifications, and enjoy the challenge of changing technology. It's no secret that working with heavy duty equipment requires hard, physical labour in tough conditions; however, with the right training and preparation you'll get from this program, you'll be ready to meet the market's demands once you graduate.

    Central to the program is the apprenticeship component where you'll be in the thick of things, working to solve real problems that face workers who repair and overhaul machinery. If you're ready to work and want to combine training with earning power, consider an apprenticeship where you mix workplace-based training under the direction of experienced workers with shorter lengths of classroom or online training.


    Program coordinator:

    Peter Louwagie
    Phone: 519-452-4430 x2766

  • More Information - 2018/2019

    Learning Outcomes 
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