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Special Events Planning Overview - 2021/2022

For start dates beginning Fall 2021, please see Event Planning, SEP2.

The event management industry is growing. Skilled event planning professionals are needed in many industries including corporate business, hospitality, non-profit, sports, travel and weddings. In North America, over $381 billion is spent on business meetings and events and over $4 billion is spent in Canada’s wedding industry.

The Special Events Planning two-year diploma program includes event planning courses developed by event management professionals designed to provide you with practical hands-on learning opportunities as well as skills in project management, technology, marketing, food and beverage, customer relations, event execution and so much more.

Our event planning courses will even provide you with the opportunity to collaborate and network with community partners as part of your learning. When you graduate, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skill to find employment in the events industry, as well as a portfolio of practical event experience.

Are you ready for an exciting career in event management ? Jobs available in this field include the following:

  • Catering and Event Coordinator
  • Event Manager
  • Meeting and Convention Planner
  • Trade Show Organizer
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Wedding Planner

Our event planning courses provide you with the experience you need to succeed in the industry!

  • Learn in the heart of downtown London, Ontario in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with special event space and steps away from Budweiser Gardens, the convention centre, restaurants and nightlife;
  • Develop a strong connection with both faculty and peers with small class sizes;
  • Gain valuable experience through practicum courses where you complete volunteer work with local charities and businesses;
  • Plan and execute fundraising events, including your final capstone project, where you will apply the skills you’ve learned;
  • Participate in various multi-disciplinary event projects with students in other programs;
  • Enjoy field trips to event spaces and guest speakers who are well-known event professionals;
  • Obtain globally recognized wine and beer certifications through WSET and Prud'homme Beer, if you choose to;
  • Continue your education after graduation with a degree pathway to Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC or the Limerick Institute of Technology and Institute of Technology Tralee in Ireland.

"After completing my special events planning diploma, I decided to take advantage of the pathway to a degree in Limerick, Ireland. It’s the best decision I ever made."
- Bailey Boudreau, Graduate
Special Events Planning program progression


Fall intake

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Year 2 Level 3 Level 4 n/a


Winter intake

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Year 2 Level 3 Level 4 n/a



More Information - 2021/2022

Learning Outcomes

  1. Plan and design events to meet organizational and client objectives;
  2. Select food and beverage catering services, site location, and décor, according to the theme and needs of an event;
  3. Develop marketing plans and related promotional plans for events that will meet the needs of the organization and/or client;
  4. Coordinate and/or supervise staff, contractors and volunteers in order to achieve the desired performance;
  5. Employ best practices for financial management in the planning of events;
  6. Manage the business transactions of event projects to meet organization and/or client needs;
  7. Develop strategies to mitigate risk and liability to ensure the safety and security of participants during an event;
  8. Maintain ethical practices and professionalism in the events field to create positive relationships and experiences;
  9. Apply strategies that support intercultural awareness and inclusion in event offerings that meet the needs of diverse populations;
  10. Use industry standard technology platforms, systems, tools and applications to support the operations of events;
  11. Secure monies through sponsorships, funds, or grants to support event objectives;
  12. Engage in ongoing learning for professional and career growth;
  13. Identify and respond to new career opportunities that may include contract work and entrepreneurship, to secure employment;
  14. Communicate information persuasively and accurately in written, verbal and interactive formats.

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