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  • Overview

    Program Description

    All the data collection and analysis in the world is meaningless if you can't communicate it effectively!  This fully online Declaration of Academic Achievement program will help you develop critically important skills in gathering, analyzing and persuasively presenting information in both written and oral format.  You'll also strengthen both your ability to successfully produce a complex collaborative document and your expertise in delivering virtual presentations.

    - You will receive a Letter of Recognition for completing one or two of these courses
    - These courses count towards the Ontario College Graduate Certificate program in Advanced Communication for Professionals

  • Courses

    Program Requirements

    Level 1 Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory courses:
    COMM-6032 Professional Presentations 4
    This course will develop advanced presentation skills (including cultivating influence, personal impact, authority and natural presence), and will improve students' verbal and non-verbal presentation skills in a variety of contexts. Students will structure and deliver professional presentations, both formal and informal, and will prepare appropriate accompanying visual aids; furthermore, strategies for handling questions, generating buy-in, and scripting effective narrative arcs will be covered. The course will also examine the ethical use of copyrighted materials in presentations within both corporate and not-for-profit contexts.
    RSCH-6001 Navigating the Research Landscape 3
    This course will teach students how to find, evaluate, productively engage with, and use research in their professional careers. The course introduces and develops two types of research skills commonly employed - and combined - to solve complex problems: qualitative (involving the gathering, selection, and analysis of both qualitative data and secondary sources) and quantitative (involving the generation and analysis of numerical data and its transformation into useable statistics). Students will synthesize qualitative and quantitative research to comprehend and solve sector-related problems, and they will document this research in the form of well-organized, persuasive forms of professional communication. The course will also reinforce compliance with intellectual property rights and use of appropriate styles of documentation when conducting research.
    COMM-6033 Reports-Adv 4
    This course fosters students' skills in developing in-depth, persuasive reports. In groups, students choose a detailed professional communication case study to solve. They work through it for the duration of the course, focusing on strategies for organizing, synthesizing, and presenting information, for collaborative writing, and for implementing clear, concise prose. Additionally, this course will cover the principles for attractively presenting visual data and incorporating this data within written documents. The reports that the student groups produce will adhere to principles that ensure real-world success.
    Program Residency
    Students Must Complete a Minimum of 3 credits in this
    Program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
    requirement and Graduate from this Program.