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  • Overview

    Program Description

    Looking to enhance your workplace communication skills?  This fully online Declaration of Academic Achievement may be for you!  You'll strengthen your textual analysis, communication skills and critical insights while honing your mastery of common workplace documents (e.g. emails, reports); additionally, you'll gain a new understanding of the ethics of communication in our increasingly information-rich and connected world.

    - You will receive a Letter of Recognition for completing one or two of these courses
    - These courses count towards the Ontario College Graduate Certificate program in Advanced Communication for Professionals
    - COMM-6019 is shared with a variety of Ontario College Graduate Certificate programs offered by the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business:  Human Resources Management (HGM1), Insurance and Risk Management (IRM1), International Business Management (ITB1), Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM1), Marketing Management (MKM1), Operations Management (OPM2), and Project Management (PRJ1).  Students in these programs who have completed this course will have advanced standing in this DOAA

  • Courses

    Program Requirements

    Level 1 Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory courses:
    COMM-6029 Communication Literacy & Ethics 4
    This course cultivates communication literacy and ethics. Through an in-depth analysis of messages used and abused in diverse domains (such as political propaganda, advertising, corporate language, social media, and televised news and entertainment), students will not only discover the private and public repercussions of communication misuse, but also learn to neutralize attempts at ideological, commercial and corporate manipulation. Students will also examine case studies of real-world business and professional communication that violates ethical norms.
    COMM-6019 Advanced Professional Communication 3
    This course focuses on refining and advancing students workplace communication abilities. The advanced communication documents and strategies covered include presentation skills, research skills, business document writing, meeting and management team strategies, business etiquette, and advanced employment communications. Additionally, students learn about interpersonal and intercultural communication (high/low and monochromic/polychromic context) concepts and strategies.
    COMM-6034 Reading, Writing & Audience Analysis-Adv 4
    This course provides students with strong knowledge of the principles of clear, concise and correct communication. Students will analyze examples of written, visual and oral communication for their structure, style, tone, and rhetorical strategies, and will consider the relationship of the writer to his/her audience and purpose. Additionally, students will develop an appreciation of the stylistic and rhetorical conventions in specific professional fields (e.g. business, health sciences, technology, etc.). Finally, students will learn to apply these concepts to their own writing, and to construct well-structured and grammatically correct texts that fulfill audience needs and expectations.
    Program Residency
    Students Must Complete a Minimum of 3 credits in this
    Program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
    requirement and Graduate from this Program.