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Program Description

This certificate program will provide students with the skills and activities required to perform effectively in an office environment.  Computer applications, customer service and office procedures are the focus of this program.


Program Requirements

Level 1
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
  Expected Availability
  Credits Fall Winter Summer
Windows & File ManagementCOMP-1535 1 No No
Students will learn how to properly manage files.
Job Search Strategies & Career DevDEVL-1052 2 No No
This course will teach learners how to prepare for interviews and how to effectively search for jobs. Students will be introduced to proven strategies that will help target job search so that they can get the job that they really want. Individuals will also gain an understanding of several aspects of change and life transitions and how this influences their potential career path.
OutlookCOMP-1533 1 No No
Students will learn how to communicate with each other, manage their time and work more efficiently using Microsoft Office Outlook. Proper email etiquette for sending and receiving electronic mail, organizational methods for storing mail, mailboxes, address books, contact lists, tasks and journals are among the topics covered.
WordCOMP-1531 1.5 Yes No
You will be able to use word processing applications using basic operations in order to prepare documents for distribution. You will also use more advanced features such as creating tables, using pictures and images within a document, importing objects and using mail merge tools.
ExcelCOMP-1532 1.5 No Yes
Students will learn how to use a spreadsheet application. You will be able to accomplish basic operations associated with developing, formatting and using a spreadsheet. You will be able to accomplish standard mathematical and logical operations using basic formulas and functions.
Accounting BasicsACCT-1106 2 No No
This introductory level course in accounting covers basic accounting principles and provides hands-on practice using Simply Accounting for Windows. Students will learn how to set up accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger.
Office SimulationADMN-1049 3 No No
Students will be required to prioritize and complete a variety of tasks that are indicative of the type of work they will be required to complete in today's office environment. Students will gain confidence in adapting to changing office environments, problem solving strategies, and providing exceptional administrative support. Students will learn the importance of customer service, telephone techniques, mail processing, and time management. A strong emphasis will be placed on learning electronic and manual records management, managing an Outlook account, and preparing for employment.
Customer RelationsBUSI-1181 2 Yes No
Learn how a business should communicate and interact with the public to gain and retain customers. It is necessary for a business to cultivate positive customer relations to attract and retain a loyal base of customers. This course explores different methods of attraction and retention strategies.
Marketing & Social MediaMKTG-1100 2 No No
This course provided students with a fundamental understanding of many of the different digital channels.
PowerPointCOMP-1534 1 No Yes
This course is for students who are new to creating presentations.
Emerging Office TechnologiesCOMP-1530 2 No Yes
It is difficult sometimes to appreciate the sheer scale of the change that has occurred in office workplaces over the last few decades. We have moved from typewriters, IBMs, hand written reports and cheques, to high speed electronic, mobile systems of work which can be accessed via the cloud from remote locations, as well as in the office. We will learn how this impacts today's workers and what the next step is for technology.
Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 5 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

More Information

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Learning outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

1.  Manage and protect digital files using industry standard operating systems
2  Create and maintain business documents within specific deadlines using a word processing program
3. Create and maintain spreadsheets within specific deadlines using spreadsheet software
4. Write and manage email communication within an email platform
5. Create professional multi-media presentations using presentation software
6. Provide clerical support basic financial transactions with an organization
7. Integrate documents and texts between various office software programs and web based applications
8.. Apply a strategy to establish and maintain positive customer relationships
9. Use common social media applications within a professional and or marketing context
10. Operate and provide support related to the use of office equipment and technology
11. Develop personalized job search strategies in a professional development plan

Program Details

Program Code
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Topic Area
Computers, Design, and Media