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  • Overview

    Program Description

    Fanshawe's Public Relations - Corporate Communications program is an intense one-year program designed to prepare college and university graduates to enter the exciting and challenging world of communications. Students will hone their writing and presentation skills, learn the latest digital communication and web design techniques and analyze public relations and ethics challenges.

    A second-term field placement allows students to put these new skills to work. Students will make business contacts through professional associations and complete course work with a community focus. The curriculum is current, community minded and connected to professional communicators. Graduates find work in advertising and PR agencies, hospitals and health care, banking and insurance, the arts and media, small and large manufacturers, government, politics and the not-for-profit sector. Job roles include writing, researching, facilitating, media relations, event planning, strategic planning and marketing communications. Opportunities for professional communicators occur in every employment sector.

    Developing strong writing skills, combined with an emphasis on teamwork, computer design skills, and technological savvy gives graduates of this program a competitive edge. This program is best suited to individuals with already above-average writing skills, an outgoing personality and an ability to see solutions when others are focusing on problems. If you're ready for the challenge, a world of career possibilities is waiting.

  • Courses

    Program Requirements

    Level 1 Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    COMP-6041 Design Principles in Digital Media 1 3
    This course will be focused on computer lab time to encourage students to develop, compose and edit work on a Mac computer. Students will follow Desktop Publishing with InDesign Skills Guides 1 & 2, which consist of weekly exercises and weekly projects for the student to complete, save to disk, and submit to the instructor for grading. In addition, on a weekly basis and as assigned by the instructor, the student will enter answers to concepts discussed in class and practiced in weekly exercises/projects into the appropriate pages of their InDesign Guides and submit it to the instructor for grading.
    COMP-6042 Internet Marketing 3
    Students will learn basic web page design principles as well as methods of using the web to market and communicate to target audiences. Students will design and publish web pages, using HTML and content management programs. This course prepares the students for a wide range of communication applications of new web technologies.
    CORP-6006 Trends & Technologies in PR 3
    Various PR trends and technologies are studied in this course, with an emphasis on social media planning from an organizational perspective. Individual and team research projects will result in an understanding of target demographics and how to engage them. Students will also reflect on current social media practices and create a personal social media plan representing their brand.
    CORP-6009 Professional Presentation Skills 3
    Presentation skills are essential soft skills that are used every day whether speaking one-on-one, to a group of five people, or 500. Effective and professional presentation skills can make individuals stand apart based on comfort level, delivery style and how messages are tailored for an audience. Topics in this course include dealing with presentation anxiety, creating informative and persuasive presentations, using appropriate body language and gestures and understanding cross-cultural communication. The course also covers effective facilitation skills and how to facilitate meetings and small group activities.
    PBRL-6014 Professional Practice & Ethics 3
    This course is designed to help students prepare for their field placements and eventual employment by examining professional workplace conduct, practices, and ethics. Participants will examine the importance of professional practices as required in workplace situations, and will also consider the need for ethical standards in business, public relations and the media. Students will be encouraged to develop high standards of personal and professional ethics and practice. The course explores current workplace standards of behaviour and examines ethical challenges drawn from current events in the corporate, political and non-profit sectors. Issues related to team work, conflict resolution, leadership, and cross-cultural communication will also be explored.
    PBRL-6016 Strategic Public Relations 3
    This course lays the foundation for studies in public relations. A brief history of PR will be covered before looking at publics, PR planning and research, organizing special events, along with other facets of PR. A case study method combined with assignments and guest lectures will be used.
    COMM-6025 Strategic Communication Planning 3
    Strategic communication is a skill employers seek. Concepts and skills developed in this course will help students approach and create strategic communication material that will support an organization's mission, strategic initiatives, and goals. Students will learn about, and develop, strategic communication plans and will analyze a variety of communications techniques and vehicles as well as effective strategies for dealing with issues, key stakeholders, and publics
    Level 1 Add'l Reqmt Credits
    Take the following Mandatory Course (Minimum Grade of C):
    PBRL-6003 Writing for Public Relations 3
    This course introduces students to various writing situations encountered by professionals working in public relations. Participants will review the basics of writing, editing, interviewing, and summarizing. Special emphasis is placed on reviewing and refining basic syntax skills. Participants will produce a number of written assignments using industry standard style and format.
    Level 2 Credits
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    COMP-6043 Design Principles in Digital Media 2 3
    This course has been designed to advance working skills of InDesign learned in the first semester. It will expand design talent and increase personal productivity with this powerful electronic pre-print & digital media tool. Working with text and colour in detail, setting defaults, working with the program utilities and time saving tips will all be covered. Students will have a firm understanding of typesetting terminology and be capable of preparing materials for professional printing tasks on a number of projects.
    PBRL-6017 Integrated Marketing & Communications 3
    This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain an understanding about the fundamentals of integrated marketing communications. Upon completion of this course, students should be knowledgeable about key practices used within the marketing communications industry and their various benefits. Topics covered in this course include integrated marketing communication (IMC), branding, advertising, event marketing and sponsorship, celebrity endorsements, product placement, public relations, on-line and interactive communications and personal selling. Additionally, the course will explore ethical issues and social perspectives of marketing such as gender in advertising/media, and celebrities as role models. Classes will include a combination of lecture, discussion and experiential learning, such as case studies.
    PBRL-6013 Specializations in PR 3
    Students will build on the content of PBRL-6011 and discuss areas of specialty in public relations. Topics of study include internal communications, employee communications, communication audits, public affairs and community relations. Creation of communication and public relations plans will give students application of public relations and re-inforce the framework of public relations learned in PBRL 6011 Strategic Public Relations.
    PBRL-6018 Media Relations & Crisis Communications 3
    Effective media relations are an essential skill for any public relations professional. This course looks at key elements of media relations from media relations planning and how to develop and foster positive working relationships with media, to dealing with media during good news events or in crisis situations.
    FLDP-6010 Field Placement 7
    This self-directed course is the culmination of the program, enabling students to pull together many of the skills learned as they participate in a field placement. Students will present their findings, experiences and work projects to the class in written and visual formats. A learning contract, reports and reflective writing pieces will be created by the students as the semester unfolds. Students will also prepare a professional portfolio that demonstrates their work over the two-semester program.
    Level 2 Add'l Reqmt Credits
    Take the following Mandatory Course (Minimum Grade of C):
    PBRL-6019 Writing for Public Relations 2 3
    Effective writing skills are essential in any career but especially in a communications or PR related position. Building on the Writing for Public Relations course in first semester, students gain more experience writing for various audiences and creating practical, written communications. This course will provide an opportunity for students to add to their professional portfolio and further enhance their writing skills.
    Program Residency
    Students Must Complete a Minimum of 12 credits in this
    program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
    requirement and graduate from this program.