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Program Description

If you are interested in the exciting world of medical transcription, this program will help you get there. You can find medical transcription jobs in hospitals, medical clinics and even positions that work from home. The medical transcription field is a fast paced business, ideal for those looking for a challenge and who have excellent communication skills.

This program covers terminology, beginning and advanced transcription practices along with medical office specialties including physician's orders.

In order to be successful in this program a good understanding of Microsoft Office and accurate typing skills are required


Program Requirements

Level 1
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
Expected Availability
CreditsFall Winter Summer
Processing of Physicians' OrdersHLTH-10072YesYes
Enable students to demonstrate appropriate processing skills for the completion of physicians' orders.
Medical Terminology & AnatomyHLTH-12093YesYes
This basic course will focus on the anatomical structure and functions of the human body and the related terminology used to describe body parts, structure, and function. Related terminology will also include general or symptomatic terms, diagnostic terms, surgical procedures and abbreviations.
Beginning Medical TranscriptionOFAD-10203YesYes
This course will enhance the learning achieved in previous and prerequisite courses for medical transcription that students need to enter the field with confidence. Students will experience a practical and effective approach with learning activities at the end of each lesson designed to reinforce concepts and procedures. Students will have a conceptual and practical understanding of general medical terms and various medical specialties. This course is asynchronous online and offered through OntarioLearn.
Advanced Medical TranscriptionOFAD-30013YesYes
This course is designed for the transcriptionist wishing to perfect their skills in medical transcription and terminology. The main purpose of this course is to develop and refine skills to a competitive level by using the learning activities included in the textbook.
Medical KeyboardingOFAD-10103YesYes
This is NOT a learn to type course. This course is designed to familiarize the user with beginning medical keyboarding, advanced keyboarding, medical language, grammatical and office skills. It includes case histories, a variety of medical reports, technical terminology and timed writings. These exercises will help the learner increase their knowledge of terms they will encounter on-the-job, and will improve their keyboarding speed and accuracy. A very brief introduction to Medical Transcription is included. This course is a prerequisite for the Beginning Medical Transcription course.

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 4 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

Program Details

Program Code
Topic Area
Computers, Design, and Media
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