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Program Description

Do you have a desire to learn the back-end of developing? Learning from the ground up through different programming languages? Programming Essentials will give you the tools, skills and employability to get you to the next step in your career.

The courses covered in this program will teach you how to use HTML, JavaScript, C# and ASP.NET. Students will also learn how to create web pages and web applications.


Program Requirements

Level 1
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
Expected Availability
CreditsFall Winter Summer
Creating Web Pages With HTMLCOMP-11403YesYes
Learn how to create web pages in Hypertext Markup Language, the language of the internet. This course covers how to create, edit and link documents, how to control the text layout using lists, line breaks and tables and how to add graphics and multimedia to your web document. You will also learn how to use forms to collect and control user input, how to create tables and frames. This course will also cover designing effective web pages, graphic design principals and cross-platform issues as well as scripting for HTML. This course is offered through OntarioLearn by the host college, Durham college.
This subject introduces the student to computer programming using the JavaScript programming language. No prior programming experience is assumed. While JavaScript is the language of instruction, the course covers the essential concepts and constructs which are part of most modern programming languages, including sequence, selection, repetition, variables, arrays, and objects. Employing a lecture-lab format, the course leads the student from writing the simplest of programs to creating programs that interact with the elements in a web page. Using only a simple text processor and a browser, the student will write and run programs that utilize variables, calculations, arrays, if statements, loops, objects, and events. In addition to writing programs, the student will also be instructed in the elements of good programming style and their importance. This course is offered through OntarioLearn by the host college, Durham college.
C# Programming IntroCOMP-13443YesYes
This course introduces fundamentals of C# programming language. Students will explore object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts including data abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. Using Visual Studio .NET 2010 and C#, students will learn to design, code and document business-oriented programs.
Developing Web App w/ ASP.NET & C#COMP-14463YesYes
Building on fundamentals of C# programming, this course introduces students to Web application development and database connectivity. Coursework emphasizes how to create the basic, dynamic, and advanced ASP.NET pages in Microsoft's new C# programming language, and how to interact with the database using ADO.NET. This course is offered through OntarioLearn by the host college, Centennial college.

Program Residency
Students Must Complete a Minimum of 4 credits in this
program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
requirement and graduate from this program

Program Details

Program Code
Topic Area
Computers & Telecommunications