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    Floral Design is a creative art. This program will help you become a floral designer in a retail florist shop, work independently or simply desire to acquire floral design skills for personal enjoyment, Fanshawe College can help you achieve your goal. The Professional Floral Design Certificate provides career relevant training by industry experts. Our small class sizes offer students "hands-on" learning experience working with fresh flowers and foliage.

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    Program Requirements

    Mandatory Courses
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    HORT-1060 Elements/Principles of Design & Colour 3
    This course introduces the student to the history of floral design and elements and principles of design to apply to two and three dimensional designs.Students will explore the history and psychology of colour and the various colour theory systems. Students will be introduced to the tools of the trade. A variety of projects will reinforce these theories. Designs will concentrate on form. Portfolio development included.
    HORT-1057 Floral Design & Botany 3
    This course covers design and practical application including preparation and maintenance. Symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements covered include: Horizontal, Round, Vertical Vase Presentation, Fan, Crescent, Corsage work, Hand Tied Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Western Line, Pillowing, Wire and Taped Bouquets, Garden Styles and Hogarth Curve.
    HORT-1058 Retail Floral Management 3
    Focuses on design and practical application of European, Oriental, Abstract design and exotics. Terracing, Grouping, Framing, Banding, Binding, Clustering, Shadowing and Parallel arrangements, wedding bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, window displays, lace vase design and centerpieces covered.
    MRCH-1015 Merchandising & Display 3
    You will improve your ability to look at merchandising through the eyes of your customer and produce effective and inspired in store and window displays. Use these skills and apply it to other areas such as home decor placement and retail. This course will be a definite asset when developing your own portfolio of design work.
    HORT-1041 Product Care & Handling 3
    Students will learn botanical names of flowers, plants and foliage; plant identification, structure, function and classification; common insects and diseases; environmental factors affecting plant growth; how to process and merchandise flowers, foliage and plants available in the Canadian marketplace to maintain their health and beauty. Students will perform hands-on design work each week applying the elements and principles of design.
    HORT-1059 Sympathy & Memorial Tributes 3
    Explore the culture and customs of various nationalities and religious affiliations to create awareness and develop sensitivity to different cultural behaviours, customs, rituals and protocols. Step-by-step construction of funeral baskets, casket and standing sprays, easel designs, vase arrangements, wreaths, hearts, crosses, including appropriate pricing and delivery.
    HORT-1055 Wedding & Specialty Events 4
    Explore the culture and customs of various nationalities and religious affiliations to create awareness and develop sensitivity to different cultural behaviours, customs, rituals and protocols. Create cake flowers, table arrangements with emphasis on construction materials and techniques. Learn wedding order procedures, advanced writing and taping techniques and bouquet design including props and appropriate pricing.
    Program Residency
    Students Must Complete a Minimum of 6 credits in this
    program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
    requirement and graduate from this program
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    Learning Outcomes

    1. Apply the history and the basic elements and principles of floral design to create styles including: radiating, triangular, symmetrical, asymmetrical, round, vertical, horizontal crescent and Hogarth.
    2. Competently use colour theory to create harmonious colour schemes for floral décor.
    3. Create single and multi-flower corsages, headpieces and simple bouquets suitable for weddings.
    4. Execute challenging parallel, vegetative and linear European influenced floral designs.
    5. Create suitable floral arrangements for any occasion, in keeping with the customer's request and established tradition, using available materials within cost constraints.
    6. Enhance the effective operation of business practices by utilizing appropriate administrative, sales and human resources skills and by executing display and merchandising techniques.
    7. Prepare products including wire service and online orders for packaging and delivery according to professional standards and advise customers on product information.
    8. Apply appropriate product knowledge to the care, handling and maintenance of products throughout the life cycle.
    9. Create a portfolio of their work.