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  • Overview

    Program Description

    There is a new face on retirement today and with that there is a growing demand for managers that possess a skill set which encompasses critical thinking, awareness of customers' unique desires and the ability to lead and motivate a diverse workplace. This program is designed to enhance the graduate's ability to succeed in the management of the evolving and dynamic retirement lifestyle facility.  Highlights include a focus on collaborative leadership, networking with the industry, and comprehensive perspective of an assisted living lifestyle property.  Retirement Residence Managers foster a team of professionals responsible for the following departments: Foodservice, Wellness, Recreational Activities, Sales and Marketing, Facilities and Maintenance.  Before graduating to seek employment in the growing Retirement Residence Industry, students will complete two experiential learning components in a Retirement facility.

  • Courses

    Program Requirements

    Year 1
    Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
    MGMT-6073 Leadership 3
    This course will explore the role of leadership in the Retirement Residence sector. Focus will be placed on collaborative leadership and management strategies for the diverse workplace. Participants will discuss and apply concepts of reflective practice and design a philosophy that reflects their perception of professional culture recognizing the balue of continuous improvement and ongoing professional development.
    SOCI-6015 Social Gerontology 4
    Understanding the resident and their changing needs and requirements is critical to a successful retirement facility. This course focuses on the cognitive, physiological and social changes affecting the aging population. Students will study the process of normal aging tendencies as well as abnormal factors such as cognitive decline.
    ENVR-6001 Environmental Services 5
    After an initial review of the principles of facility design, this course will explore current best practices in the operation of environmental services in the Retirement Residence. Participants will discuss processes involved in compliance, preventative maintenance, and renovations with emphasis placed on building codes, the fire promotion and protection act, the occupational health and safety act, workflow and ergonomics.
    HOSP-6003 Hospitality Operations 3
    This course will explore the many facets of the hospitality industry. The students will gain an appreciation for where the industry has come from and what the future has in store. Focus will be placed on the operational issues related to the food and beverage department in a retirement home.
    NUTR-6002 Geriatric Nutrition 4
    This course will introduce the student to the basic elements of human nutrition that facilitate wellness. Moving forward students will study states of illnesses and therapeutic dietary interventions recommended to optimize wellness in the aging population. Through directed exercises the student will be required to assemble a variety of tools that could be applied in the workplace. Students will spend time exploring the influence of culture and history on food preferences and choices.
    MGMT-6076 Mentorship 1 3.4
    Mentorship is a learning method which allows students an opportunity to broaden their professional competencies through ongoing development and counsel with a seasoned professional. Students will work within the Retirement Residence Industry for a defined period of time, collaboratively with their mentor and a college mentorship coach. This opportunity will see the student establish goals for growth, evaluate workplace issues and experiences as they pertain to their own personal leadership development.
    MGMT-6075 Employee Relations HR 5
    The course examines the development of trust, the building of organizational culture, and tools required for effective human resources management. Focus will be places on conflict and negotiations, employee motivation and foundations of team dynamics.
    MKTG-6020 Marketing Retirement 4
    Targeting today's Retirement Residence consumer involves refined analytical skills and comprehensive market research. This course will provide the student with the skills and techniques required to attract and retain clients by exploring the impact of multimedia, heightened consumer awareness and situational selling.
    FINA-6017 Financial Mgmt for Retirement Residence 5
    The course will identify the various departments of the retirement residence and how these areas are interrelated. Attention will be placed on specific elements of the budget as they relate to staffing requests, meal day calculations, catering proposals and forecasting volumes. Review of the concepts involved in menu design and development will be discussed and will lead into topics such as staffing, food cost and capital expenditures.
    MGMT-6074 Independent Work Study 4
    The Independent Work Study is an opportunity for students to explore workplace issues, chanllenges and opportunites. Through workplace case studies or a chosen research based project, students will assess workplace experiences as they pertain to social gerentolgy theories.
    RECN-6002 Recreation & Leisure for Retirement 3
    In this course the student will explore the role of the Activities Coordinator. they will be introduced to key concepts related to creating and directing recreational activities for the mature adult. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate a variety of retirement clients and design recreational programs suitable to meet their unique needs.
    MGMT-6077 Mentorship 2 3.4
    This course will build upon the competencies developed throughout Mentorship I. Through ongoing development and counsel with a seasoned professional, students will continue to work within the Retirement Residence Industry for a defined period of time. This opportunity will see the student continuing to enhance thier own leadership style while participating in the day to day operations of a retirement community.
    Program Residency
    Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits in this
    program at Fanshawe College to meet the Program Residency
    requirement and graduate from this program