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Microcredential Series Description

Within the Shopify Series, students will learn a variety of techniques to boost their business through Shopify. Learn about Shopify e-commerce platform, online sales techniques and how to optimize a Shopify online store for search engines.

The microcredential courses in the Shopify Series complement one another, but do not act as prerequisites.

Series Details

Microcredential Series Requirements

Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
MGMT-1328Shopify Analytics
Within this course, students will work through the process of reviewing their store's activity, get insight into visitors, analyze their site speed and product transactions. Analysis and understanding of the following reports will be included: Product analytics, acquisition reports, behavior reports, audience (customer) reports and sales and profit reports. Learning Outcomes: - Identify Shopify tools and apps that assist in analyzing website traffic and sales. - Demonstrate the ability to analyze reports in Shopify. - Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to increase revenue and growth for a business. Total Course Hours - 8
MGMT-1306Shopify Basics
Within this course, students will work through the process of pre-launching a Shopify store. Students will build an appealing store catalogue, customize the look of their website, and create additional pages with content. Total Course Hours - 9
MGMT-1326Shopify Seller
Within this course, students will experience making online sales without financial risk. Learners will configure all necessary settings and create discounts as customer incentives. They then place their payment gateway in test mode and make artificial. Teachers can evaluate how students handle orders and can also generate customer relationship issues such as post-sale changes to orders, or customer complaints. No money changes hands, and the store is not launched to the public. Total Course Hours - 8
MGMT-1327Shopify SEO
Within this course, students will work through the process of optimizing their Shopify store as it relates to the following categories: - Keyword research - Site structure and content strategy - Getting Google's attention and building organic presence on the search engine results page (SERP) - Promoting their site online to build SEO. Total Course Hours - 8

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