Fall 2020 dual credit course descriptions

* All fall dual credit courses will be delivered online Wednesdays or Thursdays, October 21/22, 2020 to December 16/17, 2020 (9 weeks) with a blended model of synchronous and asynchronous delivery:

Photo of aviation program. Aviation Design Manufacturing: AVIA-1071

This course is the study of the atmosphere and its effects on aerodynamics, theory of flight, stability and dynamics of both fixed wing and helicopter aircraft. With a study of the basic principles of radio transmission, reception and radio coverage techniques used in aircraft radio systems.


Photo of mock trialCanadian Criminal Justice System: PFLP-1002

Police, courts, and corrections are the trinity that constitute the Canadian criminal justice system. This course will enable the student to understand the history, roles, and organization of the major criminal justice agencies in Canada as well as the process by which laws are made and enforced at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

Photo of ECE classChild Development (Early Childhood Education): ECED-1074

In this course, students will investigate foundational child development theorists and their linkage to practice and pedagogy in early care and education systems.

Students will have opportunities to examine the structure and function of the brain, as well as consider the role that both heredity and environment play in the developing child. Current research that informs policy in the early year’s field will additionally be analyzed.

College Connection: BUSI-1082

This is an introductory course for students who would benefit from additional support in the transition from secondary school to college. The goal of this course is to help them connect with the many student academic supports and resources at the College. The course will take an in-depth look at mechanisms used to promote student success at the college.

This will be accomplished by connecting and experiencing the services and supports offered by Recruitment, Library Services, Career Services, Pathways and Advising, Financial Aid, The Learner Centre and Accessibility and Counselling. Moreover, this course will give insight and focus on student life and the key literacy and numeracy skills needed to be successful in a college program. Students will complete the WRIT exam (a post admission requirement of Fanshawe College) as part of the course. This is an excellent course to learn a lot more about the many opportunities Fanshawe College offers.

Creative Concepts 1: GRAF-1040

This course is designed to develop and explore the innate creativity within the students. This course guides students through explorations of various media in order to reflect upon and express their unique personality and creativity within their cultural context.

Criminal and Civil Law: PFLP-3001

This course examines the legislative and judicial basis of our criminal and civil law with detailed discussion of a variety of both civil and criminal law issues and topics. The student will be required to develop note taking, legal research, organizational and analytical skills to identify, interpret and address legal issues from the viewpoint of both citizen and law enforcement officer.

The student will interact with others in a study group and learn to contribute to and establish effective working relationships to achieve goals which are both personal and common to all group members.

Esthetics Makeup Artistry: AEST-1043

Students will discuss the fundamentals and theory of natural day, evening, and bridal make-up applications, along with knowledge of analyzing facial features and corrective make-up techniques.

Emphasis in this course is on practical demonstration and experience.

Photo of makeup courseFacials & Makeup: AEST-5005

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to distinguish between warm and cool skin tones. They will be able to recommend and apply appropriate foundation, eye, and cheek and lip colour.

Students will have the opportunity to perform both natural and Glam makeup looks. Esthetic procedures such as facials and eyebrow waxing will be thought as a knowledge-based curriculum. In addition, students will be able to recognize common skin disorders and have knowledge on industry infection control standard practices.

Photo of fashion program Fashion Visual Merchandising: MRCH-1001

Students will learn to apply the principles of colour, design and visual merchandising techniques to display fashion products and hard goods to help generate sales.

Students will work individually at home to create their two and three-dimensional window display design, using merchandising and store planning techniques and theories within a cost effective budget.

Food and Bake Theory: FDMG-1067

This course will introduce the student to the basic principles of cooking and baking. The student will reconnoiter stocks, soups, sauces and mixing methods related to cooking methods. Basic commodities utilized in professional kitchens will be examined along with weights, measures and standardized tools for the workplace.

Interpersonal Development (Early Childhood Education): PSYC-1101

This course will introduce the concepts of bias-free values and respect for diversity as foundations for effective interpersonal relationships. In this course, students will assess personal values and professional disposition which influence attitudes towards relationships with children, families and colleagues.

Sensitive, effective and supportive communication methods will be identified and practiced within the classroom setting. Both verbal and non-verbal communication skills and attitudes required for collaborative professional interactions will be emphasized throughout.

Photo of paramedic program Intro to Emergency Services (Paramedics): PARA-1014

Students are taught by active duty Paramedics working for rural and urban Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and First Responder Trainer with experience in high altitude and remote rescue. Students will receive an overview of Emergency Services with a focus on Paramedicine and Emergency Medical Services.

Students will learn through virtual education with demonstrations. Course follow synchronous and asynchronous learning approach to accommodate students schedule, accessibility and connectivity.

Intro to Public Safety (Police Foundations): PFLP-1021

In this course, students will receive an overview of Public Safety touching on the roles of Paramedics, Dispatchers, and Firefighters with the emphasis on an introduction to law enforcement.

Students will learn through theory as well as practical scenarios within the classroom. The successful student will actively participate in activities such as interviewing, group discussion & presentations, fingerprinting, arrest procedures and evidence collection.

Intro to Tourism: TOUR-1005

The hospitality industry is without a doubt one of the strongest, fastest growing industries today. This course is an introduction to the industry and how Tourism affects us all. The students will gain an appreciation for where our industry has come from and what the future has in store. They will also recognize the numerous career opportunities available to them in such areas as Fast Food, Hotels, Luxury Cruise Lines, Resorts, Institutions and many more.

Personal Wellness: INDS-1081

This course introduces students to the concept of wellness. Students develop strategies for a healthy lifestyle in all aspect of their lives. Through traditional lectures and learning activities, they learn through both individual and group processes. They investigate wellness as it applies to mindfulness, self-responsibility, social/emotional development, stress-management, physical activity, spirituality, substance abuse, nutrition, and complementary health. This course provides the opportunity for students to evaluate their present lifestyle, identify successes, and develop areas requiring personal growth.

*This is a general education elective.

Photo for production programProduction Techniques (Digital Photography): PHOT-1008

This course introduces the student to the production techniques that occur using a computer after images are captured with a camera.

Students will learn how to use professional image management software (Adobe Photshop) to import, organize and process raw files. Students will learn basic image editing skills that will allow them to colour correct, size and enhance photographs, and to produce professional quality digital images and prints in both colour and black and white.

Photo for manicure programProfessional Basic Manicure/Spa Manicure: AEST-1040

Students will learn the anatomy and physiology of the hand and arm, and will perform a basic and spa manicure including proper cuticle care clipping and filing. Professional conduct and etiquette is extremely important in the esthetics industry and will be discussed and demonstrated in this course.

*Students must have natural nails for the practical work; no artificial nails, please!

Photo for radio program Radio Broadcasting: RADO-1039

An introduction to the radio industry through Fanshawe College’s award winning Broadcasting program.

Emphasis is placed on developing various skills sets found in a typical radio station, including research, writing and on air performance. Students will have the opportunity to create and record professional commercials, newscasts and other on air announcer content suitable for broadcast.

Storytelling for Media: MMED-1038

This is an introductory course into the basic writing structures for a broad range of media. Writing for media, media formats, storyboard development, and storyboard and shoot focused video material are among the topics that will be covered.

Photo for video game design program Video Game Design - Intro to 3D: MMED-1049

This course will introduce students to the 3D environment using an industry standard 3D application. Topics will include: modelling, animating, lighting and rendering techniques. This course is a means to teach fundamental concepts of 3D development with modeling, animation and rendering software. Both practical techniques and theoretical principles of 3D development will be explored. 3D modeling for game developers explores how to model and render 3D design projects.