Prepare for a different kind of education: In choosing a Co-operative Education program, you commit to a unique model of education that brings with it benefits and responsibilities. Your Co-op semesters are an integral part of your education and you must take your co-op semesters as seriously as your academic semesters. While students in non-co-op programs get semesters off for holidays and summer jobs, you will be learning and meeting commitments non-stop throughout your college education. And your performance on your co-op semesters becomes part of your academic record; the same as any courses you take at Fanshawe.

Prepare to relocate: To make the most of co-op opportunities you need to be mobile. Many of the best jobs are not located in your home city/town and they're often not anywhere near your residence or even on a regular bus route. Consider your co-op work semester as an adventure--an opportunity to make new friends and assert your independence. Why not try out life in the big city, or even another province? Fanshawe co-op students are everywhere!

Prepare to learn:  Co-op positions are not just jobs. They are opportunities to apply the skills that you have learned in college and learn more about the career you are preparing for. Don't be surprised if your work supervisor is a Fanshawe grad who has finished the same program that you're in. Fanshawe grads are everywhere and many of them hire Fanshawe co-op students and provide exceptional mentoring opportunities. Most co-op students return to campus with a better understanding of the kind of work they will be doing after graduation, and an appreciation of how the material they learn at college applies to real-life situations.

Fanshawe's Co-operative Education Program policy (PDF)