Fanshawe has more co-op programs than any college in Canada with more than 50 co-op programs in everything from Fashion Design to Civil Engineering Technology. More than just a job, co-op positions provide students with opportunities to:

  • Apply the theory learned in college to work situations
  • Gain valuable work experience before they graduate
  • Develop and refine career plans
  • Earn while they learn
  • Develop job search, interview and communications skills
  • Learn valuable life skills through real work experience.

During your academic semesters assistance is available to help you prepare for your work semester. A co-operative education consultant will provide career preparation and job search classes, show you how to prepare a winning resume and give you tips on job availability, working conditions, and expectations of employers in your industry. They have hundreds of employer contacts and they can steer you in the right direction to find a job in which you can apply your knowledge and hone your skills.

Sometimes employers contact the College and ask for jobs to be posted for co-op students. They recognize that Fanshawe is the best source of skilled and motivated temporary employees who meet their requirements. But whether you respond to a posting at the College or identify your ideal employer through your own research, it's up to you to sell yourself and convince the employer that you're the best fit for the job. Many employers hire co-op students as a way to identify, train, and groom future permanent employees so your co-op job is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and maybe have a fantastic job already lined up when you graduate!