Services for Job Seekers

Our services are available to anyone in the community and all services are free. Complete the form below for assistance with any of the following: 

  • Information on careers, education, labour market and training opportunities
  • Employment information workshops on a variety of topics
  • Advice and referrals to other community services and support


Workshops for Job Seekers

Job Postings Board


Job Search Assistance

We provide structured support that is customized to your specific needs while conducting an effective and organized job search.

Job matching and placement support

Eligible participants will receive supported access to local employment opportunities; e.g. cold-calling, access to the hidden job market, subsidized placement into employment and ongoing support and assistance during employment.

Ministry-delivered programs

* Eligibility and suitability criteria apply.



CES services are available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are legally entitled to work in Ontario. If you are currently unemployed or *underemployed and not attending school full-time, an Employment Consultant is available to work with you to develop a plan unique to your needs and goals.


*Underemployment can apply to individuals working limited hours or in a position that does not align with their skill set, education, or experience level. If you think this could apply to you, please email

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