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We have many different workshops to help you get prepared for your future career. From identifying and building your skillset to prepping for an interview, we've got your covered. The list below highlights all of our available workshops, however not all workshops are offered on a weekly bases. To see which workshops are currently being offered, click the registration link below. If you are interested in a workshop that is not currently being offered, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you. 


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My Personality Preferences (2 Hours)

The goal of MBTI®, or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, profile assessment is to determine your preferences and understand better your likes, dislikes, tendencies, strengths, areas of growth, and how best to work with other personality types. The assessment provides you with a profile using four letters that captures your true nature and is designed to help you learn more about you and to use what you know about yourself to enhance your personal and professional life.


My SparkPath (1 hour)

A new career exploration tool! This 30-minute card sort will help guide you to new and exciting job opportunities.

“The Challenge Cards are an innovative career development tool used by academic advisors, guidance counsellors, and teachers across North America to prepare students for the future of work. Simple, visual, and tactile, the cards encourage young people to think beyond traditional job titles and focus on the challenges, problems, and opportunities that exist in the world.”


Career Exploration (3 hours)

Not sure what type of work you would like to do or how to choose a job goal? Thinking of making a career change? Then join us as we examine your interests, values, personality traits and skills to help you discover more about yourself and your potential career options.


Strong Interest Assessment (1 hour)

The Strong Interest Inventory® (SII®) is a career evaluation model that helps individuals identify careers paths that are best suited for them based on their self-identified areas of interest. By providing interest-based recommendations, job seekers often discover career opportunities they may not have otherwise considered as well as a wealth of information about how they approach the world of work. SII® is currently one of the world’s most respected and widely used career planning tools.


Personality Dimensions (3 hours)

This workshop will help you discover what type of workplace best suits you. Learn more about your personality and work preferences which will help you discover your strengths and guide you in career exploration and in making career choices. Knowing your natural abilities can also be useful when building your resume and learning how to shine in job interviews. If you are happy at work you are likely going to be successful in your job!


Living with Career Development Stress (3 hours)

Stress is an experience that disrupts a person’s emotional and physical well-being. This can be especially true during times of unemployment or underemployment. Specific career development concepts like understanding who you are and engaging in life activities related to this awareness will assist you with improving your mental well-being while you search for employment. This fun and interactive workshop gives you practical ideas to implement during your stressful life and work decisions that are certain to come your way.


Resume & Cover Letter Writing (2 hours)

This workshop focuses on how to write an effective resume and cover letter that clearly displays your skills, experience and all you have to offer potential employers. The first half will focus on how to build your documents, while in the second half you will have the option of having your documents reviewed or using the computer lab to get started. Following the completion of this workshop you will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment to come back in and receive feedback on your new and improved resume and cover letter!


LinkedIn: Building Your Profile (2 hours)

In this workshop you will learn how to use this social media tool in your job search. We will discuss how to use the basic features of the site and how to create an effective profile. Participants will need to have basic computer and internet navigation skills, along with a willingness to share job-related information on the social media site to fully benefit from using LinkedIn as a tool in their job search.


Interview Ins & Outs (2 hours)

The interview is scheduled, what’s next?  Join us as we discuss how to present yourself to potential employers, how to answer common questions, and what questions you should ask. Following the completion of this workshop, you will have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one mock interview to practice your skills and receive feedback.


Planning Your Job Search (2 hours)

New to the job search process? Not sure how to begin or haven’t searched in a while? In this workshop we will explore the job search process from start to finish and provide an overview of what to expect at each step along the way. This workshop is designed for job seekers who are at the beginning of their search.


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