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Danyel Breese


All the staff at the Employment Service Centre were amazing, from the front desk to the workshops and working with Judy Rakoczi. After having talked to people at the Employment Service Centre I decided that I wanted to further my education and they all helped in making that happen.

After meeting with Judy and the crew at Employment Service Centre we decided that upgrading my education would help me advance with my future. As I have been away for quite a few years I didn't know how I would do or what to expect. I was scared.

When I came to Fanshawe College I had no idea what was waiting for me behind the outside doors. Wow, was I surprised. Everyone was so friendly and very helpful. All of the Fanshawe College staff have been very supportive in helping me accomplish things that I never thought possible. At the time I entered into the Second Career program I had little to no computer experience. I was blind to the technologies available. After attending the "ACE" program I quickly realized how much easier things like this are today compared to when I was previously in school. The staff helped me immensely with learning everything properly, even though I was lost when it came to computers. Without the program and the help I received I don't think I would've been able to even enter my course, let alone get to where I am today.

Being a second career student was one of the hardest choices I have ever made in my life. I didn't know what to expect and had a difficult time accepting change. I am so thankful that with the help of everyone involved, I did. I have met new people, made new friends, and my grades are better than I ever imagined. I have embraced the change and I wouldn't trade my time in this program for the world. If it wasn't for all the employees from Employment Service Centre and the staff at Fanshawe College I wouldn't be doing something that I enjoy and looking forward to my future for the first time in my life and I couldn't possibly be more thankful.

- Danyel Breese


Aline Dalby


Unable to continue with a job I worked at for 29 years, I had a lot of fear and uncertainty. I went to the Community Career & Employment Centre in Simcoe. The staff at the centre alleviated some of my concerns and helped me to secure Second Career Funding which allowed me to attend Fanshawe College in Simcoe in the Social Service Worker program.

I also attended the ACE Computer upgrading program offered free at Fanshawe. By upgrading my computer skills I was ready for my classes in September and learned how to navigate Fanshawe Online.

I am presently working as the Family and Volunteer Supervisor at Dalhousie Place Supervised Access Centre. Without all the help from Fanshawe College and their great staff, I would not be doing a job I love. Thank you to everyone at Fanshawe who gave me the tools I needed to help me be successful.

Thank you,
Aline Dalby, RSSW


Corey Gilbert


Thanks to all the staff at the employment centre for the support, guidance and advice given to me over the past year. I am working full time now at Alzheimer Society, and won't be in here much in the future. Although I plan to continue to suggest people utilize your services as you're a valuable asset to the community. 

Corey Gilbert


Marcia Wright


Before working with Fanshawe College Community Career and Employment Services, I was having a really hard time getting interviews. I attended an information session and got a lot of resources and made appointments to speak with their staff. I received help to fix my resume and took a class to help with my interview skills. Once I completed that I was getting interviews for every job I applied to. I was getting very positive feedback about how my resume and portfolio was very impressive. CCES gave me the courage and confidence to be able to get the career I want and to not settle for anything less. Putting your time and effort into accomplishing your goals is what they have successfully done for me. I take responsibility for finally achieving the career I have been looking for, but without all their help and support I honestly believe I wouldn't have been given the chance to express what I could bring to this job. They helped me sell myself in a professional manner. I am very grateful for them! They are a big part of me finally finding my dream career. 

Marcia Wright
Delhi, ON


Tracy Wight


I am working with CLASS as a casual, and have also gained employment as a casual with NACL. I should have taken a juggling course as well to keep my schedule straight. I love the field and I am very grateful to everyone who worked with me to make this dream a reality, especially you and your co-workers who guided me through the second career process.

Thanks so much,
Tracy Wight
Simcoe, ON


William Felder


To: Corrie, Kate & staff

I am grateful for the support and assistance given to me by the CCES organization in Simcoe Ontario. You provided me with the resources and guidance that I needed in order to get a job. This was the first time in over 40 years that I had to look for a job and your assistance was invaluable.

Thank you,
William H. Felder





The services at Fanshawe College – Community Career & Employment Services have been incredibly important to my business, specifically with growth. I have used the services offered by this organization on multiple occasions because they make it simple and valuable to my business.

Being a young entrepreneur managing a tech. business that is growing quickly is challenging, one big challenge is finding good staff and knowing that hiring new staff makes financial sense. The services that have been offered by this organization have allowed me to focus on my business while receiving support in adding staff. The support has made hiring staff easy and I continue to rely on the services for all new hires.

I would highly encourage any business that needs help in adding staff to communicate with Fanshawe College – Community Career & Employment Services. 

Ryan O'Grady
Owner, Fotaflo


On Time Precision Components


Photo of On time Precision Components

On Time Precision Components Inc. which is located in Delhi, Ontario has used the service from Community Career & Employment Services through Fanshawe College for a few years. Past employees have gone through the system and we currently have two apprentices now going through. With CCES pre-screening resumes, this time-consuming and challenging process is made much easier. We have found that the CCES have been very helpful in finding qualified applicants to fill positions within our company. We recently were in need of administrative help and CCES had many qualified resumes to show us. They helped find the perfect fit for our company.

Financial assistance for training the applicants is a huge benefit. The cost to train new employees can be high and with CCES offering financial assistance it definitely takes the burden off.

The program has many benefits. Our Job Developer, Lisa Savoy, comes on-site to do evaluations of the employee and keeps us up to date with anything new that might benefit our company. It has been a great experience working with CCES and we look forward to doing more work with them in the future. 


Rassaun Steel


Photo of Todd Saunders and Sheldon Schilstra

Rassaun Steel is a familiar name within Norfolk County. We have been in business for 44 years and currently employee 80 plus employees within the trades. We are an on-site mechanical / electrical company providing a wide range of services backed up by a fully equipped fabrication facility. Rassaun Steel has earned a reputation as a top-ranking service provider in all facets of our business. We are large enough to handle the job and small enough to care. This asset is backed by our highly trained and dedicated team of employees who understand our customer's requirements. Rassaun Steel understands the importance of training and developing individuals for the future growth of our company. This is where Fanshawe College, Community Career and Employment Services are playing an integral part. Over the past year, we have worked closely with the staff at CCES hiring five apprentices and two field service team members. The partnership with this service has proven to be a positive experience for Rassaun. Staff at CCES takes the time to understand the demands and needs of our industry. In partnership with CCES, we have been able to develop new positions. Some of the services that Rassaun utilizes through CCES includes pre-screening of potential candidates; wage subsidy to offset training costs; NORCAT e-learning which provides safety modules required for the job; WSIB coverage for the duration of the training; monitoring and follow up to ensure the success of new employees.

CCES works with job seekers on creating an individualized plan to reach their employment objective. New employees may be eligible to receive a support allowance for on the job tools or any other requirements for the job.

Photo of Rassaun Steel facilitiesParticipation in this program is very user-friendly; a simple phone call was all it took to initiate the partnership. Rassaun supports Community Career and Employment Services and their efforts to employ people within the community. We will continue to utilize services and programs as needed and encourage other business owners to explore this service when they need to hire. 


Schofields Bistro


Photo of the interior of Schofields Bistro

The team at Fanshawe College Community Career and Employment Services has been truly a partner and provided one-stop, free of charge services. CCES has been our partner since we opened in June 2011.

Our job developer Lisa Savoy has offered guidance, proactive communication and a timely professional approach to our staffing needs.

CCES provided a "One Stop Shop" for staffing needs including a number of services: posting positions on Job Bank, primary screening of applicants and coordinating interviews. 

For a new business, having Employment Ontario subsidies have provided us with the ability to hire additional kitchen staff and provide them with more hours. This financial assistance allowed us to meet the busy summer demand and assist with critical cash flow needs. 

The summer job service program also allowed us to hire students for serving positions, allowing for additional service to our customers and providing experience to local youth. 

Since September, we have had an apprentice chef working with Michael Haywood. He has added tremendous value in new dishes and the feedback has been great from customers. As part of the apprenticeship, we received a wage subsidy and tax credit for labour costs. CCES was helpful in coordinating with the Ministry of Training in arranging the funding. 

Photo of Schofields Bistro signCycle of Contribution: our apprentice chef also had an opportunity to give back to his past school - Holy Trinity Culinary Program, hosting a lunch at Schofields for over 20 students and their instructor providing them a real career path example. The CCES is our first stop for our staffing requirements.


Toyotetsu Canada


Toyotetsu Logo

Established in February 2006 in Simcoe, Ontario, Toyotetsu Canada, Inc. (TTCA) is a stamping and welding facility which manufactures automotive parts as a tier 1 supplier to Toyota. We are one of four Toyotetsu plants in North America. The other 3 Toyotetsu plants including our North American Head Office are located in the U.S. The decision to locate in Canada was made when Toyota announced its Canadian expansion with the addition of the Woodstock plant. While Toyota is primarily our only customer, our product line is diverse. We manufacture parts for all three vehicles made at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) in Cambridge as well as Woodstock. These vehicles are the Toyota Lexus, Corolla and the Rave 4. Our building and all of our processes are designed to support 'Just in Time' delivery to both plants.

We are pleased to say, the employer subsidy program has assisted us in the costs associated with orientating and training 68 new full-time Team Members between June 2013 and February 2014. Overall, we have found the process of administering the subsidy program at our workplace efficient and quick and therefore not overly burdensome on the Human Resources department. Lisa Savoy (Job Developer) and her team with CCES have been great to work with; her professionalism and enthusiasm for the subsidy program are appreciated. As well, Lisa keeps us informed of any aspects of the program that may benefit our organization. The funds provided by the subsidy program have assisted in offsetting the costs to build a new training room at our facility. It also has assisted us in the purchase of the necessary equipment for the training room and the funds to train TTCA staff to provide our Team Members with World Class training.

It has been a positive experience working with CCES and we look forward to doing more work with them in the future. 


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