Effective Job Search Strategies

Are you applying for jobs and not getting interviews? Do you know how to search for jobs? Are you proactively searching for opportunities? Did you know that most positions are filled without employers advertising? This 2 ½ hour workshop explores the hidden job market and introduces you to the proven strategies that will help you to uncover those hidden jobs. Networking, contacting employers directly and other approaches will be discussed in detail to help give you an advantage over the competition. Has it been awhile since you have had to search for a job? Do you know how to target your job search so that you can get the job that you really want? These questions and much more will be answered as you develop your own job search strategy.

Job Search Tutorial

Job Search Tutorial 2

Hidden Job Market Tip Sheet

Networking & Building a Network

Informational Interviews

Company Research

Cold Calling

Interview Preparation

Are you getting invited to interviews but not getting job offers? Do you want to be able to communicate the skills and abilities you have to offer an employer? Are you interested in doing a mock interview and receiving constructive feedback on how to improve your interview skills? We'll show you how to identify and present your best qualifications, formulate effective answers to common interview questions and offer you tips to help reduce stress and maximize your performance. Learn about making a positive first impression and about the advantages of a successful follow up. The culmination of this session will include a scheduled mock interview with critiques and pointers for next steps.

Interview Skills Tutorial

Interview Stream: Practice interviewing anytime and anywhere

Acing Your Interview Tutorial

What to Wear

Preparing for an Interview

Preparing for an Interview - Part 2

Types of Interviews

Sample Interview Questions

Mock Interviews

The recorded mock interview is one of the very best ways to prepare for an actual employment interview. It allows you to gain experience and practice in answering questions similar to ones asked during an interview. And then, by watching your interview, you are able to see yourself as others see you during an interview. The Employment Facilitator who takes the role of the interviewer will try to make the interview as realistic as possible by asking questions that are typical of those that might be asked for the type of position you are seeking. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions that you want to ask in an actual interview. The mock interview takes about twenty minutes; then you will watch, discuss, and critique it with the Employment Facilitator.

Interview Skills Tutorial

Interview Stream: Practice interviewing anytime and anywhere

Sample Interview Questions


Offered 2 hours per week over 10 weeks, this series of modules focuses on enhancing job search and employability skills through hands-on exercises incorporating digital technology and individual / group activities. Topics include: Identifying my Dream Career, Understanding Team Building through Personality Type, How to Work Effectively with Others, Examining my On-line Identity, Communication Skills and Employment, Effective Customer Service Skills and Qualities for Workplace Success.

Job Find Club

Drop-in assistance is available to registered clients. Do you need help with your job search, resume and / or cover letter critique, assistance with portfolio development, how to apply to jobs electronically, etc. Get the help you need to keep you motivated and on track.


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