Did you know?

Residence Life supports student success by promoting a safe and accepting environment that fosters personal and academic development. At Fanshawe College Residence, we:

  • provide intentional programming that focuses on community development, healthy living, personal identity and diversity, and intellectual experiences
  • incorporate environmental and sustainable initiatives in all that we do
  • surround residents with residence staff who are knowledgeable and committed to their success
  • collaborate with campus and community partners to ensure our residents receive the support they need to succeed
  • nurture a sense of personal responsibility and accountability through the application of our residence community standards

To achieve our goals, we all must work together as members of the community to make residence a positive and supportive experience.

The residence community is comprised of residents, staff, parents, guests and anyone else who contributes to the residence. All community members that come into the residence environment should know that the standards or rules must exist to ensure enjoyment and a positive experience for all members of our large, diverse community.

Navigating the delicate balance between supporting your student and allowing them the freedom to develop crucial decision-making skills can be challenging.  We are committed to providing the support and resources to help you and your student during this transition. 


For many students the experience of living in Residence will be the first time they will be on their own.  If any of our residents are having challenges or concerns in residence, please encourage them to speak to one of our Residence Life staff members.  Our staff are fully trained to deal with any issue that may arise and will work to help every resident in any way we can. 

Resident advisors live on each floor in our traditional buildings and throughout Kestrel Court.  These are student staff who go through an extensive three week training program and are equipped to link our residents with whatever resources are needed (Residence Life Management, Counselling & Accessibility Services, Campus Security Services, etc).  Three full-time professional residence life managers also live onsite and are on an on-call rotation to be available 24/7 in case of emergencies. 

Your student may get caught up in studies and social time and forget to call or email you as often as you would like.  Moving to college is a very exciting time and often students will become so wrapped up in this new stage of their lives that it does not occur to them that you may be concerned.  If you have concerns about your student's safety or health please call us and we will attempt to pass on a message to the student. 

Residence fees and OSAP

Please be aware that we do not accept OSAP deferrals for residence fees or meal plan payments.  We are reviewing our current payment deadlines and working to provide payment options that will better accommodate those students that are relying on OSAP for the 2017/2018 academic year. 

Keep an eye on our website for all relevant deadlines and important dates.  We will not be sending reminder notices or invoices home but will instead be directing all communication to the student directly.  We will only send an invoice to a student's parent/guardian if repeated attempts to acquire payment from the student directly have been unsuccessful. 

Medical concerns and special considerations

When your student is completing their acceptance process for residence it is important that they provide us with more information about how we can help them to be successful in residence.  Students requiring special accommodations in residence must also ensure they are contacting the Counselling & Accessibility Services department.

Please be aware that privacy laws prohibit us from discussing your student's application, assignment, and account status with you unless they give us permission to do so through our residence consent form which they will receive in the acceptance package.  We encourage your student to contact us directly with any questions or concerns they may have regarding residence at Fanshawe College.  By asking their own questions they will begin the transition to independent living and feel more comfortable asking questions while in residence.

Parent FAQs

  • Can we visit the residence for a tour?

Residence would be happy to have you visit the Residence over the summer months for a tour of suites and facilities.

  • Will there be anyone to help us move in?

Over the Labour Day weekend we will have members of the move-it crew (resident volunteers) available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help move belongings from your vehicle to your son/daughter's residence room.  

  • Is there visitor parking?

There are a number of metered parking spots available out front of the residence buildings.  Please refer to Fanshawes parking website for more detailed information regarding parking options on campus.

  • How do I get an income tax receipt?

Residence fees cannot be claimed on income tax returns.  The only claim that is allowed is $25 for the year as per the Ontario Government. 

  • What if my son/daughter plans to use OSAP to pay for Residence?

We do not accept OSAP deferrals for residencefees or meal plan payments.  We suggest that all students review the Residence rates and payment deadlines and take them into consideration before applying to Residence.  Failure to meet the payment deadlines will result in your son/daughter forfeiting their bed in residence. 

  • My son/daughter is only 17.  Are the rules any different for him/her?

All of the rules and regulations outlined in the Student Residence Agreement and Residence Community Standards will apply to all students, regardless of age.

  • What if my son/daughter experiences a conflict with a roommate?

If any of our residents are having challenges or concerns in residence, please encourage them to speak to one of our Residence Life staff members.  Our staff are fully trained to deal with any issue that may arise and will work to help every resident in any way we can. 

  • Will my son/daughter be evicted from Residence if he/she does not do well academically?

A resident must be a registered full time student to be eligible to live in residence.  Should your son/daughter be unsuccessful in completing their semester at Fanshawe College, he/she will be required to leave residence as well. 

  • If I am concerned about my son/daughter's well-being, who can I contact?

If you have concerns about your student's safety or health please call and speak with the on-call Residence Life Manager.  You can also call at any time to speak with one of our customer service representatives who can ensure that your concern is addressed as quickly as possible.


If you have questions or require more information, contact us!