Rising Leaders workshops are facilitated by College staff with expertise and experience in the areas of leadership, communication, teambuilding and many others. The format of the workshops is interactive and discussion-based, so be ready to participate!

Register online through FOL using the Career/Co-op/CCR option under the Resources menu or call us at 519-452-4294. For more information please email m_genc@Fanshawec.ca or come to Room D1063, London Campus.

Introduction to leadership

What kind of leader do you want to be? This seminar will explore different leadership styles and characteristics of effective leaders. We all have the ability to lead. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Communication skills

Students in this seminar will understand the importance of communication for effective leadership. Students will explore the different types of communication, learn about their own communication styles, barriers to communication and practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Personal development

Students participating in this seminar will explore strengths in their own personality and how it helps define their role as a leader. It will introduce the role of empathy in leadership and the importance of personal wellness and its effect on leading others.

Mentoring and networking

A mentoring relationship is an invaluable relationship that can help you grow and last a lifetime. In this seminar, students will explore the benefits of mentorship and reflect on who their ideal mentor would be. Students will also be given tips and tricks to network effectively and leave a lasting impression.

Knowing yourself - Personality dimensionsTM

Are you an Inquiring Green or maybe an Authentic Blue? Perhaps you are an Organized Gold or a Resourceful Orange This seminar allows students to recognize their strengths and appreciate differences while fostering increased self-knowledge.

Conflict resolution

This seminar will introduce students to the nature of conflict and common sources of conflict. Students will learn how to recognize conflict, how it impacts a team and strategies to deal with it effectively.

Cultural competency and diversity

In this seminar, students will define cultural competency and diversity. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and discuss the essential skills required to promote and encourage cultural competency and diversity to others.

Championing change and transition

In today’s society, change is happening at a rapid rate. This seminar explores why how to be a champion of change and the individual leadership skills required to make the transition go smoothly.

Innovation and creativity

Students in this seminar will understand the importance of risk taking, building effective teams, and delivering engaging and creative presentations. Leaders understand that if they want to succeed they must use their risk-taking abilities to create an environment that encourages innovation and creativity

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