Apprentice graduation ceremonies
Apprentice graduation ceremonies take place at various dates throughout the year. For further information, please call your campus:

London Campus: (519) 452-4123
Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus: (519) 426-8260
St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus: (519) 633-2030
Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus: (519) 421-0144

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Cell phones
We request that you turn your cell phone off during the graduation ceremony.

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Clothing (what to wear)
A wide variety of personal attire is appropriate to wear to graduation, but remember a couple of points: 

  • Do not wear hats or corsages with graduation gowns.
  • Graduation gowns are RED.
  • Gown length is normally mid-calf; gowns have a v-neck with no collar, and are open in front.
  • Business casual or semi-formal wear is recommended.
  • Graduates, unless they have mobility issues, will walk up and down a short flight of steps. Be aware, slip-on shoes or shoes with high heels may be unstable.
  • Please do not smoke, wear fragrances or eat or drink while wearing a graduation gown.

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Drinks and food during the ceremony
Please do not bring beverages or food into the ceremony.

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Eligibility: how do I know if I'm graduating?
In order to be eligible to graduate, a student must successfully complete all the program requirements with a minimum grade point average, including any co-op education requirements. For the fall graduation ceremonies, all academic requirements, placements and co-op education terms must be completed by Friday, August 28, 2020. If your requirements are not complete by this date, you will not be eligible to graduate at these ceremonies.

Students in Part-time Day School or Continuing Education are responsible for contacting their Program Coordinator or the Continuing Education office when they are ready to graduate. Based on an assessment of the student's academic record, the Division will submit a "Recommendation for Graduation" list to the Office of the Registrar. If you are a part-time student and you plan to graduate this fall, please contact your division office no later than Friday, August 28, 2020.

If there is any question about your academic status or your eligibility to graduate, we recommend you speak to your academic division office as soon as possible. As well, any outstanding debt you may have with Fanshawe College must be resolved before your document is released.

Please see the College Policy A122: "Graduation From Approved College Programs".

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Graduates should not carry flowers during the graduation ceremony and must not wear corsages on their graduation gown - the flowers will get crushed and may also stain the gown.

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Scented products can cause serious health problems for some people. Strong odors from scented products such as perfumes and aftershaves can cause breathing problems and other ill health effects. The College encourages our Community to reduce or eliminate the use of unnecessary scented products. In choosing to wear fragrance to the graduation ceremonies, please be aware of the negative effect fragrance can have on others' health.

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Photographs are encouraged during the ceremony. Guests will be invited to take pictures during the presentation of credentials. If you are planning on having your graduation photos taken with a photographer outside the College and would like to arrange to borrow a graduation gown and scarf that reflect the Fanshawe College colours please contact our Alumni office at 519-452-4285.

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Receiving your credential
Your credential will be presented to you when you return your gown and alumni scarf.

Any outstanding debt you may have with the College, including library fines, must be resolved before your document is released.

If you should decide not to attend the Graduation ceremony, your credential will be available for pick-up for two weeks following your ceremony date. After that time the documents will be sent back to London where they will be kept for one year after your graduation date.

If you are unable to pick up your credential and would like it couriered to you please send in writing either by mail or fax a signed letter that clearly states:

  • your full name and address (Note: Delivery to a P.O. Box is not possible)
  • your daytime phone number
  • apartment buzzer code (if applicable)
  • student number
  • the name of your program

Fanshawe College uses Purolator for credential mailing. Therefore, all information listed above is necessary for successful receipt of your requested document. The associated costs are $20.00 within Canada. Payment can be made either by cheque or money order payable to Fanshawe College, by Visa or MasterCard. Rates vary for courier costs outside of Canada; please contact Graduation Services for pricing.

Please mail your request to:

Graduation Services
Office of the Registrar, Room E1012
1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard PO Box 7005
London ON N5Y 5R6
Fax 519.453.5021

Credentials are not available for mailing until two weeks after your ceremony date.

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What if my name is wrong in your records? 

Your name will appear on your credential the same way as your record at Fanshawe College.

  • If there is an error in the spelling of your name, please send a photocopy of one piece of current government-issued photo identification with the correct spelling of your name or two pieces of current government-issued non-photo identification, plus your student number, to the Office of the Registrar (address below), before the end of your graduating term.
  • If your name has changed during your registration at Fanshawe College, perhaps due to a change in your marital status, please send photocopies of two pieces of current government-issued identification (e.g., marriage certificate and one additional piece of identification) with your new name, plus your student number, to the Office of the Registrar (address below), before the end of your graduating term.

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