Do you want to become a better college student this semester?

Do you need a little extra help:

  • maintaining motivation for the entire semester
  • remembering what you have studied
  • learning time management strategies that actually work
  • determining what is important to write down in lectures
  • reading and understanding your textbooks the first time through
  • writing multiple choice, math, essay quizzes, tests and exams
  • being a successful college student


If you answered yes to any of the categories, self-register for Becoming a Better Student in FanshaweOnline (FOL) today.

  1. Log into FOL.
  2. Click on the self-registration link located in the lower right corner of the navigation bar.
  3. Under course offering name select "Becoming a better student”.
  4. Read and follow the instructions to register for the free course.

    The "Becoming a better student" course will appear in FOL under "My Courses – nonacademic course."

To view detailed steps, click here (PDF).

It is a FREE resource available to all new and returning Fanshawe College students with FOL access.

Check it out!