What is peer tutoring?

Put very simply, peer tutoring is students helping students. Peer tutoring offers one-on-one assistance for students having difficulties in a specific course. Typically, the tutor and client meet once a week and together they address difficulties the student client has encountered.

Peer tutoring benefits both students and tutors. Students who need assistance benefit by getting help from tutors who have been successful in a similar course and are in a unique position to help others learn the material. Tutors benefit by earning a salary and deepening their understanding of the material by learning how to communicate it to others.

Who is eligible for tutoring?

All Fanshawe College students are eligible for peer tutoring. 

What does it cost?

We provide up to 15 hours of free Peer Tutoring per semester.

Step 1:
Complete your request for a Peer Tutor on the MyFanshawe student portal. (note: you must log in to MyFanshawe).

Step 2:
The Peer Tutor coordinator will email you with a list of possible peer tutors if available.

Step 3:
Once you have contacted the Peer Tutor and they have agreed to provide you tutoring, you would then email peertutoring@fanshawec.ca and request a contract be sent to your Peer Tutor.

Step 4:
The Peer Tutor coordinator will send a contract to your peer tutor. At that point, you begin to work with the peer tutor.

How does one become a tutor?

If you have achieved an "A" or a "B" in any of your courses last semester and could use some extra money, you can help other students and get paid for it. Tutoring traditionally takes place outside of scheduled classroom hours. Tutors are paid at the rate of $15.15 per hour.

For more information regarding peer tutoring and the necessary application forms for both being a Peer Tutor or receiving peer tutoring, visit the MyFanshawe student portal and log in.

Contact us

Peer Tutor Coordinator
Library Learning Commons
1001 Fanshawe College Blvd

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