Violation Notices are issued for a number of violations that contravene College regulations involving the possession and consumption of drugs and alcohol and tobacco products on Campus. Violations may be further subject to provisions under legislation, including the Trespass to Property Act (Ontario) and the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. Fines for violations are subject to change without notice.

Policy C206: Alcohol, Cannabis, Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Summary of certain violations and fines

Violation Fine
General Warning: Violation Identified $0
  Littering $50
  Failure to Produce Appropriate Photo Identification $40
  Public Urination or Defecation $65
  Advertise, Promote, Distribute or Sell Accessory Where   Prohibited $100
  Produce False/ Another Person’s Photo Identification $40
Alcohol Possession or Consumption of Alcohol by Person Under Age of 19 $50/$100/$200
  Possess or Consume Open Alcohol Where Prohibited $125/$250/$500
  Intoxication in a Public Place $65
Drugs Possess, Provide or Use Drugs Where Prohibited $300
  Produce, Sell or Traffic Drugs Where Prohibited $500
Tobacco/E-Cigarettes Advertise, Promote, Distribute or Sell (Tobacco/E-Cigarettes) Where Prohibited $100
Smoking Use of (Tobacco/E-Cigarettes/Cannabis) on College Property $50/$100/$200
  Use of (Tobacco/E-Cigarettes/Cannabis) in College Buildings $315
Administrative Administrative Fee for Non-Sufficient Funds $50
  Administrative Fee for Late Payment of Fines $50
  Administrative Fee for Failure to Appear at Appeal Meeting $50

Note:  Fine for 1st offense / fine for 2nd offense / fine for 3rd & subsequent offenses