Meet our staff

Chris Hannah
Student Success Advisor, First Nations Centre

My name is Chris Hannah and while I grew up in lots of different places (from Southern Alberta to Northern Ohio), I consider Fergus, Ontario 'home'. I am a proud Metis and recently held a place on council for the Windsor-Essex Kent Metis Community.

In 2009, I moved to London to begin my studies at The University of Western Ontario, where four years later I earned a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences, specializing in Health Promotion and a minor in Globalization. Throughout these programs we talked of the social determinants of health and how things like education, culture, and employment could impact one's health. I decided that I wanted to improve health outcomes, not through medicine, but through these social determinants.

My position as Aboriginal Liaison Officer with Skills Ontario led me to working with my own people which I then gained a passion for. I was able to travel across Southern Ontario working with different First Nations, Metis and Inuit people on reserve and in urban settings to discuss the many and often under-represented educational and ultimately employment opportunities available to them. I did this through hands-on workshops and mentoring events that I created, planned and facilitated.

I am very excited to begin working at Fanshawe College's First Nations Centre as a Student Success Advisor. My role exists to help students find success while attending Fanshawe, which can mean anything from helping students develop great study habits, to organizing social gatherings, to liaising with other Fanshawe departments on a student's behalf, and just being a listening ear; I am here to help! I strongly believe that education is key to creating strong individuals, families, and communities for our people. I look forward to meeting with you!