Life After Graduation

21 Things Nobody Tells you When you Graduate! (1 hour)

Uncover the secrets that will help you navigate life and your career as you start adulting.

Job Hunting for New Graduates (1 hour)

Are you ready for all of your hard work to pay off? Now what?

Join us for more information on personal branding, target audience, networking, LinkedIn, informational interviews, how to use co-curricular record on a resumé, and other successful job search tools.

Winning resumés for your First Real Job (1 hour)

Not sure what to include, what to stay away from, or where to even start? We can help!

Please join us for a deep dive into preparing a professional resumé in your new field of expertise!

We will discuss: what your skills are, what employers are looking for and how to get your resumé noticed for the right reasons.

Impressive Interviews (1hour)

Develop an interview plan that showcases your skills, knowledge and personality.

What Not to do When you Get the Job! (1 hour)

As you navigate through the workplace, consider these helpful hints in order to make a good and lasting impression!