Companies can save on their taxes - with the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit

Save time pre-screening - co-op students have a common educational background related to their industry; they are enthusiastic, motivated and work hard to gain additional experience in their chosen field.

Benefit from current computer training - many employers find that co-op students can teach them a trick or two!

Minimize recruitment time - advertising can leave employers overwhelmed with resumes, phone calls and visits from unqualified applicants.

Minimize recruitment costs - save fees for temporary agencies or advertising

Obtain successful results without committing to permanent staffing - students can cover peak and seasonal periods, and special short-to-medium range projects or contracts

Co-op students are high achievers!

Satisfy immediate personnel needs year round - most co-op programs have students available year round, for either 4, 8 or 12 month periods

Opportunity for influx of new ideas, approaches, and talent

Hiring Co-op students is cost effective, both in productivity as students and if they are hired back after graduation

Motivates existing staff and allows more efficient use of experienced full-time professionals and employees

Input to educational institution - employers have a direct influence on curriculum, this ensures that required training needs for the future will be met

Opportunity to be good corporate citizen - and have a positive impact on a student's education

Supervisor gets leadership experience - and has the opportunity to mentor bright, enthusiastic students and to take part in the training of future colleagues

Recruit for the long term - co-op students could become future employees, already tested, and trained to meet company's standards


As part of the Government of Canada's Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), a variety of funding opportunities may be available for employers to hire students for the purposes of experiential learning. This funding is not managed by the Fanshawe Co-operative Education office.