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Our Service Promise

Welcome to Community Employment Services Fanshawe. We are an Employment Ontario services provider. We provide one-stop access to employment and education programs and services through respectful, flexible and personalized service. 

As a member of the College Sector Employment Services (CSES) network, we are committed to providing the highest standard of service possible. 

This Service Charter sets out the standards you can expect. 

  • Who we are 
  • What we do 
  • Our province-wide service commitment 
  • What level of service you can expect (our service standards) 
  • What we need from you 
  • How you can comment or raise a concern about the service provided. 

Who we are: 

We deliver the provincial government Employment Ontario program services within the Ontario College system. We work in partnership with job seekers and employers to identify needs, lay out a clear service plan, ensure access to the services and information required, and to provide direct employment services such as job search assistance, job matching and placement, and job retention support and follow-up. 

Our success is measured by outcomes and your satisfaction. 

Who we serve: 

Anyone seeking a job; to identify and assess their educational options; employers 

What we do:

Our Resource and Information Service provides: 

Individuals with: 

  • programs and services available through Fanshawe College and other service providers 
  • access to e-mail, computers, the Internet, fax and photocopy equipment 
  • assistance when using a computer and the Internet including direction to on-line self-assessment, employment preparation, and employment and training decision sites 
  • information on local, provincial and national labour markets, including sites for job postings, occupational, regulatory and training requirements, and emerging and declining sectors 
  • information on workplace safety, rights and responsibilities 
  • information and workshops on topics such as job search strategies and materials, 
  • apprenticeship training, and the Canadian workplace 
  • opportunities for individuals and employers at staged events and job fairs 
  • information workshops in schools and community centres 

Employers with:

  • access to our clients and to the local labour force as a whole 
  • assistance to post and distribute information about their employment vacancies 
  • advice and support for their human resource planning and recruitment

Our Job Search Service provides: 

Individuals with: 

  • clarification of interests, abilities, skills, education and experience related to their career and employment goals 
  • exploration of relevant occupational and training requirements 
  • orientation to the workplace – rules and expectations of employers, rights and responsibilities of employees, Canadian workplace culture 
  • counselling and coaching in life skills to support successful employment outcomes 
  • advice and support for persons with disabilities that may affect workplace participation 
  • preparation of job search tools such as resumes and applications, interview and job search strategies, school and training records 
  • access to professional accreditation, language and prior learning assessment 
  • support, mentoring and coaching during the job search process 
  • referral and access to other services including, but not limited to education and training 
  • guidance on apprenticeship in skilled trades 

Our Job Matching, Placement and Incentives provide: 

Individuals with:

  • help in matching skills and interests with work opportunities 
  • negotiating and developing opportunities with employers on your behalf 
  • experiential or on-the-job training 
  • placement support in resolving workplace issues that may affect your success 
  • if appropriate, financial support to help accommodate barriers to employment (some criteria for access applies)

Employers with: 

  • assessment of individual’s skills, aptitudes and interests relative to their workplace needs 
  • help developing on-the-job training plans that are realistic for participants and consistent with workplace requirements 
  • support resolving workplace issues with individuals which may impact employer’s ability to meet business goals 
  • financial incentives to offset on-the-job training where appropriate

Our Job Retention Support provides: 

Individuals with: 

  • development of a resource pool of mentors/coaches 
  • development of a support plan for you, the mentor/coach and employer (as appropriate) 
  • linking you with mentors and coaches to provide support during and after job placement 
  • monitoring of the mentor/coach relationship and its impact on workplace success 

Employers with: 

  • assistance in identifying areas that require additional support and/or learning, mentoring, and/or coaching, with a purpose of ensuring job maintenance and/or increased competencies and/or advancement 

Our Service Commitment / Pledge

Community Employment Services Fanshawe is the one-stop you will need to identify and address your employment and educational issues.

We are proud of our reputation for excellence - in the programs we manage, the service we offer, and the results we achieve. 

We are guided by seven key principles. We: 

  1. Commit to helping you achieve success in the ‘world of work.’ 
  2. Are respectful, courteous and professional at all times. 
  3. Provide accurate, relevant information and resources to meet your goals. 
  4. Respect your time and provide quality service as quickly as possible. 
  5. Listen to what you tell us and work in collaboration with you. 
  6. Recognize and accommodate your diverse needs. 
  7. Respect and honour your right to confidentiality. 

Your Responsibilities

You help by: 

  • treating our staff and our centre with courtesy and respect 
  • providing timely, complete and accurate information 
  • ensuring we always have your most recent contact information 
  • honouring your commitments to us and to yourself 
  • providing us with honest feedback 

Service Standards

We are here when you need us: 

  • convenient, extended hours of service; multiple service sites 
  • relevant and reliable information and tools, day and night on our website 
  • flexible service across the channels of your choice— in person, web, or by phone 

If we don’t have it, we will help you find it. If we don’t know, we will find out. 

We will continue to provide support until we mutually agree you don’t require or don’t want our support any longer.

Your Service Plan is a ‘living’ document that describes what you need to do, what we need to do, and what we both expect will happen as a result. 

We value your time: 

  • no appointment necessary for the first visit 
  • scheduled appointments generally within 5 business days 
  • messages returned within 1 business day 
  • you will not wait longer than 10 minutes for your scheduled appointment 
  • registered clients will be contacted regularly 
  • employers: job vacancies will be posted and acted upon within 24 hrs 

We will report to our customers annually.

Comments and Concerns

We are committed to listening and addressing your concerns. Let us know how we can do better! 

  1. First, talk with your Consultant. 
  2. Not satisfied? Speak with, or write to the on-site Manager. 
  3. Need more? Meet with the Senior Manager, Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services at Fanshawe College. 

Your privacy will be respected and protected. You will receive an acknowledgement within 2 business days and a response within 5 business days. 

Have questions?
We’re here to help!