Career Fair

Fanshawe’s Career Fair is held annually, with the next date being March 3, 2021. The cost to attend is $355 (HST included). This includes parking, entrance, and your table, promotion on our website, breakfast, lunch, and access to our students. Career Fair is open to all students and alumni and is a multi-disciplinary event. Previous Career Fairs had approximately 1500 students in attendance. Visit our Career Fair website for more information.

Regional Campus Career Fair

Fanshawe’s Regional Campus Career Fairs are held annually at various campus locations. Visit our Career Fair website for more information. Registration includes parking, entrance, and your table, promotion on our website, refreshments, and access to our students.

InSPIRE Mentoring

The InSPIRE Mentoring program offers students and recent grads the opportunity to create pathways to career connections by developing networking skills, sharing experiences, and gaining industry knowledge. Employers, business owners, alumni and community members are invited to become involved as mentors in a variety of formats within the pillars of the program. For more information and to register as a mentor visit our InSPIRE website.

Table displays

Table displays can be set up around the college so that you can speak with students informally, these events are posted on our events calendar and social media, however, most traffic is garnered by people walking by. Typically, we do these in our main hallway but we can move tables closer to areas of interest. We would suggest holding the displays on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday as Monday and Friday are often quiet. We require at least two weeks’ notice for table displays and the cost for this service is $30 + HST.

Classroom visits

Many employers want to speak to students in a specific program; this is a great option as the students are all in one place and already engaged. However, this option requires you to speak directly to the program coordinator that you are interested in working with. We cannot guarantee you class time however, we are happy to connect you to the program coordinator to arrange a visit. There is no cost for this option.

Information sessions

This is an option for employers to rent a classroom or lecture theatre and talk to students who choose to attend. This option works well for some employers but you must first build interest. Often when there is no preliminary outreach the info sessions are poorly attended. For this option, you would be responsible for your own promotional  materials, we are happy to promote the session as well. The costs for these events are variable depending on the size of the room and the time, typically the cost is somewhere between $80 and $125.

Social media

If you are promoting a particular job or event, we are happy to share it on our social media. We do ask that you have some sort of creative for this post (photo or video). There is no cost for this option.

Job postings

If you are promoting a particular job you can post it on our job board, which is open to all current students and alumni, please visit our Jobsite to register as a new employer. There is no cost for this option.


Any individual or combination of the above events would benefit your organization.


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