Inspire Mentoring - Riipen Terms of Agreement

By registering for challenges on the Riipen platform and through InSPIRE Mentoring I am agreeing that I will:

  1. Be contacted by the InSPIRE Mentoring Team for feedback about the challenge and to learn about other opportunities through InSPIRE Mentoring.
  2. Conduct myself in a professional manner in all communication with the challenge host and the InSPIRE Mentoring Team.
  3. Communicate with the challenge host using the Riipen platform unless otherwise stated in the challenge description. I will not contact the challenge host outside of the platform for any reason including 'building my professional network'. Failure to follow this rule will mean I am removed from the challenge as a participant.
  4. Respond to all communication from the challenge host and/or the InSPIRE Mentoring Team in a timely manner.  I understand that if I do not respond to communication sent to me within 14 calendar days, I will be removed from the challenge by the InSPIRE Mentoring Team. I understand that if I do not respond to the challenge host or the InSPIRE Mentoring Team and during that time the challenge expires, that I will not be able to participate in the challenge.
  5. Participate in this challenge to expand upon my skills.  I agree that I will not ask the challenge host for a job unless the challenge award specifically states that an opportunity may be available and asks students to discuss interest in a position as part of the challenge and as written in the description.
  6. Communicate with the InSPIRE Mentoring Team if I am no longer able to participate in a challenge. Requests to be removed from a challenge will not prevent a student from participating again in future challenges.
  7. Be respectful of the challenge host's time. I understand that hosting a challenge is voluntary and that the host will require time to respond to each student's communication. I will respect the challenge host's boundaries and timelines as stated in the challenge description.
  8. Contact the InSPIRE Mentoring team at if I have any questions about participation in this challenge, encounter any difficulties or wish to discuss other opportunities within the InSPIRE Mentoring program as a whole. More information can also be found at