Build Your Own Experience (BYOE)

Design an independent mentorship experience that aligns with your career goals by initiating connections with industry professionals.


  • You are in any level or program and want to design your own mentorship experience based on your career development goals which will guide your search for mentors
  • Identify and initiate contact with industry professionals who can support you in working towards your goals


How does BYOE work? What are the mentee’s next steps?

  • Complete the BYOE mentee registration form
  • The InSPIRE Mentoring Team processes BYOE Mentee registrations on a weekly basis
  • Receive a welcome email and “BYOE Workbook” within one week of the processing of your registration form
  • Identify career development goals using the “BYOE Workbook” in preparation for contacting potential mentors
  • Engage in meaningful relationship building and networking experiences with as many mentors as you deem necessary to achieve your goals
  • Experiences may include informational interviews, video chats, email conversations, industry or networking events, short job shadows (virtual or in person) or other opportunities that help you to achieve your goals
  • Receive monthly check-in emails about the progress of your goals and to provide information about upcoming events
  • Track mentorship hours which are validated by each mentor and submitted to the InSPIRE Mentoring Team at for Co-Curricular Record recognition after completing 10 hours


Questions? Contact the InSPiRE Mentoring Team at