Peer Mentorship Next Steps


  • Complete the Peer Mentee registration form
  • When registering, indicate your interest in receiving an individual match with a Peer Mentor and/or invitations to group mentorship events (InSPIRE Peer Chats, career development events and activities)
  • The InSPIRE Mentoring Team processes Peer Mentee registrations on a weekly basis
  • Those who have indicated interest in being matched with a Peer Mentor, will receive your introduction email within one week of the processing of your registration form
  • Receive weekly check-in emails providing information about upcoming events and ways to connect with Peer Mentors and the InSPIRE Mentoring Team
  • Those who are matched with a Peer Mentor arrange a time to connect to discuss the focus of your mentoring relationship using the “Mentorship Goals” worksheet for guidance


  • You have completed at least level 2 of your program
  • If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor, email
  • Peer Mentor applications are welcomed year round, however interviews are held during the summer months each year and the mandatory training session takes place in late August
  • Receive weekly email communication from the InSPIRE Mentoring Team with opportunities to engage with mentees and other students and attend promotional and career development events
  • Volunteer to participate in scheduled events to promote services available through InSPIRE Mentoring and the Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services department
  • Are matched with mentees based on program, school and interests whenever possible
  • Initiate conversation with each of your mentees using email within 48 hours of receiving the introduction email from the InSPIRE Mentoring Team
  • Arrange initial meeting with your mentee at a mutually agreed upon time and format (virtual, email and phone meetings ONLY at this time)
  • Connect with your mentee to discuss the personal and professional goals they identified in their “Mentorship Goals” worksheet
  • Attend and host (if interested) group mentoring sessions called Peer Chats where any student at Fanshawe College can join to be part of the InSPIRE Mentoring community
  • Maintain a record of your involvement in the program and submit your volunteer hours at the end of every term to receive Co-Curricular Record recognition (minimum of 10 hours)
  • Participate in your own career development activities, training sessions and events


Questions? Contact the InSPIRE Mentoring Team at