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Simcoe CCES Services


All of our services are free!

The following services are available to anyone, including people currently working, those who are under-employed, people looking for work, students, apprentices, internationally trained individuals and employers.

  • job postings on www.swojobs.org
  • information on careers, education, labour market and training opportunities
  • access to computers with internet
  • photocopier, telephone and fax
  • employment information workshops on a variety of topics
  • advice and referrals to other community services and support

Note: All services available are for job search, self-employment, hiring or career planning purposes only.

For those unemployed or working less than 20 hours per week, and not attending full-time school or training, a CCES Employment Consultant is available to work with you to assess your level of need for individualized assistance and support. Our staff will help you with customizing a plan to assist you in achieving your goals.

Job search assistance

We will provide you with structured and individualized support for conducting an effective and organized job search.

Job matching and placement support

Eligible participants will receive supported access to local employment opportunities; i.e. cold-calling, access to the hidden job market, subsidized placement into employment and on-going support and assistance during employment.

Ministry delivered programs

We are your first step to information and referrals to all Ministry delivered programs* including:

  • second Career/Feepayer
  • {C}
  • Ontario Job Creation Partnerships
  • Canada Ontario Jobs Grant for employers

*Eligibility and suitability criteria apply

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Resource Centre Services


Community Career & Employment Services can provide job seekers with local labour market information that can assist individuals to make informed decisions about careers, education, employment, and business plans.

The labour market in Norfolk County changes throughout the course of the year – mainly due to the change in seasonal opportunities. Spring and summer tend to bring an increase in agricultural positions, landscaping and construction jobs as well as openings in the hospitality industry (i.e. restaurant, retail). Some of these positions will continue year-round whereas others are deemed to be seasonal and ending in late October/early November.

Drop-in Services  Description 
Fax Machine/ E-Mail / Internet / Computers / Printers / Photocopier Free services available for your job search. Wi-fi available in resource area. 
Job Application Assistance Receive assistance with understanding and completing application forms. 
Job Board and Application Centre Access to current job postings which may not be advertised publicly. Local employer applications (also posted on Facebook.com/FanshaweCCES). 
Job Search Assistance Resource Centre assistance available to assist with resumes/or cover letter, job search and interview tips. Computers and printers available on a walk in basis. 
Voice Mail Free voice mail service to assist you with your job search. Obtain a mailbox number for your resume and leave a personalized message (lasts 3 months with opportunity for extension) .