Campus Resources

Fanshawe College offers a number of services outside of Counselling and Accessibility Services that can assist students in a variety of ways.


Financial Aid is available to provide information directly related to OSAP and specific bursaries. 


The Ombuds can help you to learn more about your individual rights and can help to resolve concerns, complaints, and conflicts in a confidential and impartial way. 


Information regarding off-campus housing is available as well. This can be helpful when searching for a place to live or with questions or concerns regarding leases, roommates or other housing concerns.


The Learning Centre provides a variety of free academic services.  These include free drop-in tutoring for math, physics or chemistry. ESL help, study skill sessions, English assistance and peer tutoring is also available to students.


The Fanshawe Student Union is the place to go to find out about your student council, events, clubs, contests and information about your student health plan.  They can also provide more information about the Sharing Shop, the used book store and the new bike share program. 


The Student Wellness Centre is now open and offering a variety of wellness services and programs.  Membership to the Wellness Centre is available to all students and boasts a fully equipped and professionally operated health and fitness club.