What is an Accommodation?

Accommodations are supports or services that allow a student with a disability a fair opportunity to engage in academic activities and fulfill essential course and program requirements. Accommodations are meant to level the playing field for students; they are never meant to provide an advantage for students.  Accommodations are not the same as modifications; you must still meet the learning outcomes of your program. Please read the following information and view our "Accommodation" video for more details


Accommodations are always tailored to your individual needs and will depend on the nature of your disability, the demands of your program, and the documentation you provide.  While there are a wide variety of accommodations available, some of the more common ones here at Fanshawe include:

  • Note taking services
  • Using our Test Centre if you need extra time or a distraction-reduced space for tests
  • Getting your books in electronic format


When you meet with your Accessibility Services (AS) counsellor, the two of you will review your needs and create the accommodation letter.  The accommodation letter outlines your accommodations but does not include information about your specific disability; that information is kept confidential.  With your permission, your counsellor will send your accommodation letters to your professors.  You’ll follow up with your professors and maintain contact with your counsellor.  Accommodations may need to be reviewed or revised depending on the demands of a specific course, field placement and other factors; your AS counsellor will discuss this with you.