Students attending the London Campus receive London Transit Commission bus service seven days a week, from September 1 to the end of August (some restrictions apply). You can pick up your FANCard (which includes your bus pass) in the Office of the Registrar, room E1012, London Campus.

Co-op bus pass opt in

When a student is on co-op, they are not covered under the FSU Health Plan or the bus pass, as they have not paid their ancillary fees, which these services fall under. However, there is an option for co-op students to opt-in to the FSU Health Plan and/or bus pass for a fee.

Co-Op Bus Pass Opt-In Fee - $115.00

Co-Op Health Plan Opt-In Fee - $115.00

When a co-op student pays the above fees, the student will have access to the FSU Health Plan and/or the bus pass for the period of their co-op term.

Fall Co-Op Opt-In - Covered from September 1 to December 31.

Winter Co-Op Opt-In - Covered from January 1until August 31.

Students pay the fee to a maximum of two semesters per academic year. For more information, speak to reception in the FSU Office, SC1000.

The student has 10 days from the beginning of their academic term to opt-in to these services.
For additional information, please visit the FSU Office in SC1000 or call the FSU at 519-452-4109.

The opt-in forms are available on the FSU website under "Co-Op Bus Pass Opt-In".

Tax credit

Full-time post-secondary students may be eligible to claim a nonrefundable tax credit to cover the cost of public transit passes. More info on tax credits.


For additional information about bus passes please visit the Fanshawe Student Union:

Room SC1000, London Campus, call 519-452-4109 or visit the FSU Bus Pass web page at