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Freddie Falcon FanCard

Your FANCard is your official Fanshawe identification card. But it does more than just act as ID - keep life simple with one card and take advantage of its other convenient features. You are responsible for keeping this card safe and in good condition for the duration of your entire time at Fanshawe.


Upload your FANCard photo (myPhoto) Add money to your FANCard

FANCard features

Student ID

Your FANCard is your student identification card. It will be accepted as formal identification while you’re writing exams, used to access services on campus and may be requested by businesses in the community as proof of student status.

Building and room access

Use your FANCard to access after-hours building entrances, computer labs and specialized program-specific facilities. 

Flex Plan / Meal Plan

Load and use your FANCard to make purchases on campus! Purchases can be tracked online and unused balances can be carried over to the next academic year. Click here to view dining options.

Student Wellness Centre

Use your FANCard to access our full service, state-of-the-art facility of wellness services and programs, including exercise equipment and group classes. Membership is included in student ancillary fees for full-time, post-secondary students studying in London. Learn more about the Student Wellness Centre (SWC).

Health plan

Most pharmacies will accept your FANCard across Canada as a pay-direct drug card for all full-time post-secondary students. The Fanshawe Student Union provides the Health Plan. Please see the FSU webpage for more details.

Domestic Students

Note: Excludes apprenticeship, ACE and part-time students. International students should register with Morcare for their International Student Health Plan.

London Transit Commission (LTC) bus pass

Tap your FANCard on the onboard validator at the front of the bus. The bus pass will be available only to full-time, post-secondary/blended London campuses students. For more information about using this feature of the FANCard, visit the Bus page on the Fanshawe Student Union website.

Note: Excludes apprenticeship, ACE and part-time students.

If your card is not working on the bus, please contact the Fanshawe Student Union.


Frequently asked questions

How do I request a FANCard?

Step 1:​​​ Upload your photo and government-issued photo ID.

Login to the MyPhoto site (use your Fanshawe WebAdvisor username and password) to upload your photo and government-issued photo ID (e.g.: driver's license, passport).

  • Unable to log in? Check your eligibility first; you need to pay your deposit or required fees for the current or upcoming term to successfully log in.
  • Already a registered student? Click here if you need to reset your password or contact the IT Service Desk at for assistance logging in.
  • Note: MyPhoto is not compatible with the Internet Explorer web browser.

Step 2:​​​ Wait for an email confirmation on the approval or denial of your photo.

This step may take a few business days during peak times. If your photo isn’t approved, Fanshawe will contact you about submitting a new photo. Note: By default, MyPhoto will send status update emails to your FanshaweOnline (FOL) email account. When you upload your photo, you can choose to enter a preferred email instead.

Step 3:​​​ Pick up your FANCard!

See "How do I pick up my FANCard?" below.

How do I pick up my FANCard?

See below for instructions on picking up your physical FANCard and please note the following:

  • This info is for Level 1 students. If you are a student in Level 2 or above (regardless of in a blended or fully online program) and have not received a FANCard, please fill out this form.
  • We do not mail FANCards or provide digital versions.


Full-time students in a blended/hybrid program attending London Campus (incl. Y and Z Buildings) OR London South Campus

Once you upload your photo, you will receive an email soon after with instructions to pick up your FANCard at the London Campus (1001 Fanshawe College Blvd.), room E2020.
Full-time students in a blended/hybrid program attending a Regional Campus OR London Downtown Campus Your FANCard will be distributed to you through your campus.
Students in a fully online program (all online classes) attending any campus You will not automatically receive a FANCard. Please click below on the "If I'm a fully online student, how do I get a FANCard?" question for more details.
Students in a part-time program (any campus, any format) You will not automatically receive a FANCard. Please click below on the "If I'm a part-time student, how do I get a FANCard?" question for more details.
If I'm a fully online student, how do I get a FANCard?

Fully online students in a full-time program only can request a FANCard by filling out this form. If approved, you will be sent an email with information on how to pick up your FANCard.

All students should upload their photo even if they do not wish to request a FANCard. Your photo is used for class rosters and helps staff and faculty get to know you, especially during these times of increased virtual learning and student services.

If I'm in a part-time program, how do I get a FANCard?

Students in a part-time, post-secondary program can register for a FANCard by following the regular procedure: upload your photo using MyPhoto and follow the steps above.


Note: Continuing Education (CE) students and any students registered in individual-day classes can request a FANCard by emailing Please include your name, student number and reason for your request (e.g.: accessing specific labs / classrooms).

What if I'm a returning student?

If you are a returning student and already have a FANCard, keep using the same card! There is no need to upload your photo for a new card.


If you are a returning student, but never got a FANCard since you were in an online program or never picked it up, please fill out this form. If approved, you will be sent an email with information on how to pick up your FANCard.

What happens if I lose, damage or find my FANCard?

Your FANCard is kind of a big deal. Make sure to keep it safe; don't share, puncture, crack or bend it. If your card is lost or damaged, a replacement fee of $25 will apply.


  • If you have lost your card, please do the following steps:
    • ​​​Fill out the FANCard Replacement Request form.
    • Suspend your Meal Plan / Flex Plan by logging in to your FANCard account site, selecting the tools / gear cog in the upper right hand corner and clicking on the “Suspend Card” tab. Alternatively, you may email or come to E2020 at the London Campus during business hours.
  • If your card isn't working, please email Include your name, student number, the card numbers on the front and back and where your card isn't working (doors, bus, etc.) in your email.
  • If you find your card AFTER submitting a replacement request, please note you will still have to pay a $25 replacement fee. Once submitted, it will be processed and your account will be charged.
How do staff receive employee cards?

All full-time and part-time staff are eligible for employee cards. Follow the instructions on the myPhoto site to upload your card photo. In Step Two, beside the "Campus" option, choose "F) College Employee" and continue normally.

If you have any questions, please contact the FANCard office at