Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor's & Collaborative Degree Programs

Fanshawe Bachelor’s Degrees
College degrees are the best of both worlds – university theory and critical thinking skills with the hands-on, experiential learning approach of a college environment. Students study all four years at Fanshawe. 


Collaborative Bachelor’s Degrees
Collaborative degrees are partnerships between Fanshawe and other Ontario universities. Students study at both Fanshawe and the partner institution.

Why choose to pursue your degree at Fanshawe? 

  • Affordable educational opportunities (approx. $5,000/yr or $2,500/semester)
  • Industry-leading faculty committed to teaching excellence and research
  • Small class sizes and career-focused learning
  • Co-operative work experience
  • Pathways to a Masters or Teachers College*
  • Residences both on and off campus
  • Extensive student support services

*While graduate schools review applications on an individual basis, many people have used College degrees as the basis for entry into graduate or professional schools.

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