WRIT Assessment

WRIT Assessment



We are pleased that you have selected Fanshawe College. Our WRIT placement assessment is important to your success.  Doing your best will ensure proper assessment of your skills to help you succeed in college and the workplace.

What Is The WRIT Placement Assessment?

Most first-level students at Fanshawe College must take a Placement Assessment for the WRIT course.  The evaluation of these assessment results allows us to assess your current skills and place you in the appropriate course. The following short video provides an overview of the WRIT assessment:



If you have written the WRIT Assessment before, please contact the School of Language and Liberal Studies for advice on how your previous Assessment affects your current program. Contact information is available in the FAQ – see below.

What To Do When Visiting Fanshawe College

Please be sure to arrive at the appropriate room well before the starting time since latecomers cannot be admitted to a session once the assessment has started.

You do not need to make an appointment. If you live a great distance from the College, consider writing this assessment when you come to London to make arrangements for housing, a campus tour, etc.  Come early to avoid last-minute crowds.  Parking information can be found at: http://www.fanshawec.ca/contact-us/maps-directions

Important Assessment Information

You must write this assessment before the start of classes.  This assessment will not affect your acceptance into the program.  The assessment session is 50 mins. Choose one (1) date only to sit the WRIT assessment.  The earlier you write the assessment, the faster we can process your results.

When and Where Can I Write?

The dates, times, and locations for the WRIT assessment are available through the program page at http://www.fanshawec.ca/writ/programs. Please visit this page and confirm your program is listed. Then, click on the link at the top of the page to find the assessment schedule for each School.

Students With Documented Disabilities

If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, please call the Accessibility Test Centre at 519-452-4430, ext. 4588 to make arrangements for testing. You must first register with Accessibility Services. To register with Accessibility Services, please visit http://www.fanshawec.ca/identify. For help, please call 519-452-4282.

Have Questions?

Please refer to the WRIT FAQ online for more details at: http://www.fanshawec.ca/admissions/how-to-apply/writ-testing/writ-faq  or e-mail us at: writ@fanshawec.ca